Evaluating text entry with long texts and multiple keywords...

Jan 31, 2013

Hi all. I want the user to enter any free text in a sentence, like "my child has had a high fever for more than three days". Then the system should read the text entry variable and look for special keywords (like "fever" and "three days". Meaning reading the whole TextEntry variable and then check if some special words are in the text entry variable.

Depending on the keywords found, the system should jump to a certain slide that corresponds to eg. "fever" and "three days". Or if the text entry variable only contained one of these words (like "fever"), the system should jump to an other slide that only corresponds to "fever" (and to to also "three days"). Etc for other key words that the user might enter.

Is such complex things possible in StoryLine?

I have only seen single word text entry things, and such things are easy to develop, but they do not correspond to natural language where the user enters a whole sentence...


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