Extract Quiz Answers from Published Output File

Oct 27, 2023


I have a client with a functional output file (not the Zip file but the folders and files that count "story.html" as one of the files) but no .story file. We will have to re-create the course BUT we want to utilize as much data from the course as possible. We can play the file (using story.html) and take screenshot of each "slide" for example.

But there is an incredibly hard quiz with over 333 NONILLION possible answers; 333,735,776,850,284,124,449,081,472,843,776 to be precise. Somewhere, within the code of these files must be something to indicate the correct answer. It would be nice if it was a .txt file but I'm guessing not. Even if I knew the file extension to look for, that would be something.

I've seen other threads in here where the Articulate power users say there isn't a file but, well, there has to be. We may not know its name but the program couldn't run without it.

Does anyone know? Looking for the answer only. Thank you.

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