feedback master button states not being inherited by feedback layers

Jul 05, 2016

Hello All,

If I create a brand new project, and add a multiple choice question, and then look at the states for the Continue button on the Correct feedback layer,  here’s what I see (notice the Down state):


If I go to the Feedback Master, and look at the states for the continue button on the Correct feedback layout, this is what I see:


As you can see, in a brand new project – having changed absolutely nothing – there is already a disparity between the Down state of the Feedback Master Correct Layout, and the Correct Feedback Layer it governs. 

This disparity is highlighted if I change a state on the master, because the state does not get inherited by the layers – irrespective of whether the layers existed before I made the state change, or if I add a brand new MC question after I made the state change.  

Here I have changed the color of the Down state on the Feedback Master Correct Layout.


When I create a brand new MC question and view the Correct layer, here’s what the states look like:


Am I misunderstanding something? Can anyone shed any light on this issue? 

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John Morley


If it will help you with "more information" I am uploading something similar to what I posted some time ago.

What appears as my feedback masters are completely different from what shows up when a quiz slide is created. This is so snake-bit I don't even know where to start. Please just take a look at the Word doc which tries to show the problem, and the example storyline file that demonstrates the problems.

Marina Raynis


I am still experiencing this issue in Storyline 360 now 3 years later at multiple workplaces.  I have SL 360, and the slide layer does not update. This issue has persisted for so long. When using question banks, I have to go into every question to fix the button state, it takes such a long time.

@Leslie McKerchie, please post a video of how you were able to change button states in the feedback master and show how those changes transferred over to your slide.  I would really like to see one successful example where it actually worked so that I know it's possible.   


Feedback master:

Feedback layer:


Marina Raynis
Leslie McKerchie

Hi Peter,

Sorry to hear that you've run into a similar problem with Storyline 360. I was able to customize the states on the buttons in the feedback master and saw this transfer over to the layout of my slides.

Would you be able to provide a sample .story file demonstrating the problem so that I can better understand what you may be seeing and experiencing?

Leslie, please post a video of how you were successfully able to "customize the states on the buttons in the feedback master and saw this transfer over to the layout of my slides."  

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Marina,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that you're still running into this issue.

It looks like Peter confirmed his steps to replicate after my comment and we confirmed, as Ashley shared here, that this is an issue that we've shared with our team.

Since her comment, we've seen more traction on this and it has been prioritized with our team.

We will be sure to provide any updates right here in the conversation and you should be subscribed to notifications.

Katie Riggio

Greetings. A quick update!

We're excited to share that Update 29 for Storyline 360 is live: Check out all the goodies here, and here's how to update to the latest version!

A quick rundown of the improvements related to feedback masters:

  • Feedback masters now have theme previews so you can quickly see how your feedback layouts look when applied to different design themes in your course. Click here to learn more!
  • Remember when the formatted text on a feedback master did not always carry over to the slide layers? That issue is now fixed!

Appreciate you all continuing to work with us. If there's anything else we can do to help, please let us know!

Crystal Horn

Hi Joyce. We’re continuing to support Storyline 3 with bug fixes, but we aren’t adding any new features to Storyline 3, like theme previews in feedback masters, or sharing a release schedule. We’ll announce any major updates that include bug fixes here in the Storyline forum.

We will also continue to support Storyline 2 customers! We aren't planning any new releases, but we'll continue to watch for changes that break key functionality.

Matt Miele

Uggg... I am getting the same exact behavior in SL3.  The buttons on the feedback master seem to have zero link to the question slides.  I have deleted the whole feedback master slide, I have created a brand new file, I have spent countless hours trying to troubleshoot this issue to no avail.  Ugggg again!!!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joyce and Matt,

First off, let me apologize for any confusion. It was noted as an enhancement in Storyline 360, and a change in how we manage the feedback masters, so at first read through it appeared to be a new feature.

I was able to confirm with our team of engineers that the same fixes for the feedback master will be applied to Storyline 3 - but we don't have a release date set for the next update yet. As soon as we do, we'll share an update here. 

Sublime Media

I'm using Storyline 360 v3.30.195180 and am having the same problem last reported over a year ago. The only change between the button on the feedback master and the button on the feedback layers on the question slide is the hover state, which appears to inherit the Control 1 color (the hover color for buttons and answer choices) rather than my custom color. Any updates?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jo and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for confirming that you are on the latest update and running into a similar issue.

Would you be able to share a Peek 360 video demonstrating the steps? Also, with your permission, I'd like to take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Dom!

Sorry, you're still seeing this error. As mentioned in this discussion, we have released the fix for this bug in a previous update. Which update are you on?

If you're not on the newest update (Update 33, Build 3.33.20625.0), then I would recommend updating Storyline 360. If you're on the newest update and still seeing this snag, I'd like our Support Engineers to dig further. You can share your file with them by using this link.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I hope we can find the culprit!

John Morley

Thanks for the confirmation Nicole. And it's frustrating being asked for additional examples after I and others have already submitted examples, and it takes only a few minutes of modifying a feedback master to see the whole thing fall apart and unwanted buttons to appear from nowhere, and otherwise just become a big mess.

This is not a nuanced problem.

Dianne  Hope

I first contributed to this discussion well over a year ago - probably closer to 2 years.

From my perspective, there has been no 'fix for this bug' as you mention here Lauren. As John also says, I am vigilant in keeping Storyline 360 updated with the latest version, but still experience so much trouble with feedback master buttons that I can't use them - I create my own, but this means more work and unnecessary time spent - which I really shouldn't have to charge clients for.

In my latest troubleshooting, I went right back to basics to make sure I hadn't missed anything.

  • I left the originally generated feedback master and inserted a new feedback master which I hoped to customise and use. This highlighted even basic issues with changes to the formatting of the text colour on the feedback master slide not carrying over to the correct feedback layer.
  • Then when I used the button tools and applied a button style to the button on the master slide, it didn't pick up on the correct text colour of the button style (leaving the text grey instead of changing it to white) - for any of the button styles. So immediately, I was forced to spend time working with text colour in text boxes and on buttons in the feedback master. Even when I changed this text colour to white, the disabled button state text remained grey.
  • The hover state button colour didn't carry over to the slide layers in the feedback master.
  • On leaving the feedback master and generating a new graded question slide, then applying  the feedback layers I'd customised, the buttons on the layers had actually taken on the feedback master slide button formatting, including the hover state, which was not what the feedback layers showed me would happen.
  • There seems to be a real issue with the correct layer of the feedback master. At one point I changed the button style to a different style on my customised feedback master slide, then changed it back, but the correct layer did not initially take on this change - it seemed to have a delay in doing this.
  • When I tried to change the size and position of the button on the feedback master slide, the change was not reflected in the normal state on any feedback master layer, plus the states hover and down states of the button that I had removed the outline formatting from now had this formatting reapplied. On going back into my slide and resetting the slide, or applying the layout again for the correct and incorrect layers resulted in what I would term 'confusion' on the part of the Storyline master gods - the button size adjustment was reflected, but the hover and disabled states now didn't reflect what the master layers showed.
  • When I ditched the built-in feedback master button altogether and added my own using the insert button menu, as has previously been suggested in this thread, when I added it to the feedback master slide, there were no triggers set, like there are with the default button. I had to cut the button from the feedback master slide and paste it onto each of the feedback master slide layers. The formatting of the button then changed from the default with white text to have grey text - on all layers...this became a whole new set of issues with the feedback master as it applies to a slide - there are also no pre-set triggers on a button that you insert into a feedback master slide layer, and this doesn't appear in the timeline of a slide layer like the default buttons do. The only thing that seems to work is the hover state. So, I went back and added triggers to each of the buttons in the layers of the feedback master slide set - but this didn't work either.

So, where does all this troubleshooting leave me? Back to where I was 2 years ago - adding my own customised buttons to each layer of each question slide, and not being able to rely on using the feedback master at all for buttons if I want to customise the look of them, or being able to just add a new question slide and using the default feedback master buttons.

I'm really hoping to see a fix for this - and note in a previous comment in this thread that this issue had been prioritised. 

Of note, as John has pointed out, it doesn't take long when you're trying to customise the feedback master for all of this to fall apart - it just takes us all a long time to describe what's happening and revisiting this troubleshooting has highlighted that there hasn't actually been any progress since I discovered this 2 years ago.

I've attached my working file for this troubleshooting.

Can we please get an update on where the troubleshooting with this issue is at?