Feedback Master Does Not Work

Alyssa Gomez helped me with a problem with the master slide on this project, and the feeback master is an even bigger problem: I have spent many hours trying to format feedback masters, and although the masters look correct when I go into Feedback Master view (see attached Correct Feedback.png and the first slide in the attached .story file), new quiz slides are created with feedback layers that use the background from the regular master slides, and text boxes that make no sense at all (see attached Wrong Feedback.png). I then have to manually reformat every aspect of every feedback layer on dozens of quiz slides.

How can I get what appears in the feedback master slides to correctly appear in the layers of new quiz slides? Using Storyline 3.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Heather,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you're running into. I jumped into your file and can confirm the feedback master buttons did not apply correctly. Once I deleted the slide layer elements and re-applied, the button showed up blue as expected from the master.

I've opened a case with our Support Engineers for you so we can take a closer look at the button issue and take a look at the font application as well. Once they're done testing, they'll reach out and provide you with next steps. Be on the lookout for a response soon!

John Morley

Thanks Ren,

And please let the support engineers know that artifact buttons appear mysteriously after they have been deleted in master view. It seems random, but this is so messed up I haven't had the time to develop a proper bug report to explain exactly how the problem happened. There are just a bunch of bugs that seem to stack up on each other.

Nicole Wachnin

Hi Ren, please also take into account "feedback by answer choice". To include different feedback for each answer choice, you HAVE to use the form view. However, form view in Storyline 360 still automatically applies default formatting, even though that formatting doesn't exist anywhere else. 

Michel Koster


Two questions:
1. I am trying to change font colours on my feedback master, but the old (green) colour won't be changed for the new (blue) colour.

How should I make this work?

2. My co-workers are starting to use AS as well. How can I make sure we all use the same templates? As everybody should save the file on and work from the C-disk on their computers.

Attached is a simple project in start up phase for the feedback slide question.


Kind regards, Michel Koster

Ren Gomez

Hi Michel,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your file! I'm happy to help troubleshoot your questions:

I am trying to change font colors on my feedback master, but the old (green) color won't be changed for the new (blue) color. How should I make this work?

Can you confirm whether you are referring to the feedback master or the slide master? I looked through your course and the only slide I saw that had a green title was a slide that pointed to a slide master

Unfortunately, we do have a bug in Storyline where the layout does not inherit the format of the textbox in the parent slide master. To work around this, you can re-format the layout master to be blue, and that should help when creating a new slide.

My co-workers are starting to use AS as well. How can I make sure we all use the same templates? As everybody should save the file on and work from the C-disk on their computers.

If you have a network drive, you can feel free to store Storyline files there, as long as you save them to your desktop when opening the file. These tips will help:

Bonus tip ☞ If your file is strictly for template use as a base for your co-workers, feel free to save the file as a *.storytemplate.

I hope these resources help! Let me know if you have further questions!


Michel Koster

Hi Ren,

Thank you for replying.

The tips for collaborative workflow are usefull as well as well as preventing corruption of files (I came accross while reading the workflow article).

Also tried using the Custom templates. Unfortunately the template does not seem to include the story size and the Player, making the use of the template less useful than re-using a story by deleting all slides. Or am I missing something?

Your tip for changing the Slide master is exactly what I have done (before sending the file), however when you add a 'graded question' it will have green text instead of blue.

Some more help would be appreciated. 




Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the additional testing Michel. 

I saved your .story file as a template and both the custom story size and your custom player are retained. I've attached it below.

I also took a look at adding a question slide both directly from the layout and as a graded question slide and the blue title text is retaining. I recorded a brief Peek 360 video here, but I did remove those additional slides prior to sharing the attached template.

Michel Koster


The graded question is now blue, so already an improvement, however the feedback slides are still showing as green text for me. Filling in correct and incorrect text in the form view results in green text.

I made the template colours, story size and players long ago in AS1, upgraded to AS2 and later to AS3. In AS3 we changed the colours because of our company colours changing. 

Could it be the file was corrupt somehow?
Because as far as I can see, you did exactly what I did. Could you please look into the feedback slide as well? 

Leslie McKerchie

It does seem like there may have been some corruption, Michel.

I was able to see the same behavior on the feedback layers and could see that they should be blue in the Feedback Masters.

I re-adjusted the colors (to the same color) and it seems to be working as expected now. 

Not sure what would have caused this hiccup, but please let us know if you see it again.

Mike Adamski

I'm having issues as well with feedback masters when I try and import quiz questions/answers from a Notepad.

I've attached a small sample file that contains scene 1 of a proper looking sample question with correct feedback slides, and then a second scene of a 5-question quiz I imported that takes on the characteristics of the slide master, but nothing at all in terms of the feedback masters.

I know I can apply the formatting, but 1) That gives me a lot of similar issues that others in this thread have seen with inconsistencies, and 2) the whole idea to use a template with feedback is so that it becomes an automated process.

I'm hoping someone can take a look.

John Morley


I appreciate your interest in cleaning up the mess that is the whole feedback layer swirl. Its problems range from the on-screen image not keeping up with changes made to the master to an entire list of other frustrations. 

Your idea to "have all the information in one place" is good. But where is that place? Looking at the other strings that are destinations of your "this discussion" links, they are about quote symbols rather than feedback issues. 

Rick Cheeseman

Hi Heather,

Did you ever hear back about your issues with feedback masters?  I am using release Jun20 and the only way I can get feedback masters to work is to delete all buttons, text, and text boxes from the master, because only the background actually acts like a master. 

What I then have to do is delete any content of each layer of the quiz I am creating, then copy/paste the content of each layer, one at a time, of a good quiz.

If you have learned or been given a better workaround, I'd love to hear it.


Heather Gibbs

Hi Rick,

I do not have a solution and had to do the same copy/paste workaround as you, which in my mind defeats the purpose of having a feedback master.  Articulate contacted me via email and opened a case number to look into the issue.  It was passed around in February and March and I haven't heard anything since.  Your message just prompted me to follow-up.  If there's anything to share I'll post it here.


Judy Nollet

It seems like the Feedback layers for Correct and Incorrect have been quirky forever. Here's how I save myself some trouble. When I start a project that I know will have quiz questions, I do this:

  • Adjust the Feedback Slide Master and layouts as appropriate.
  • Create an extra scene, which I typically call "Storage."
  • In Storage, I insert each type of graded question that I think I'll need. 
    • I just enter dummy text for these set-up questions.
    • I adjust the feedback layers as needed -- especially to ensure the Continue button has the states I want.
    • When I'm developing the course, instead of inserting a new graded-question slide for Knowledge Checks, I copy and paste the appropriate type of question slide from Storage. This ensure that the layers are already the way I want them. 
    • When the course is complete, I delete the dummy questions in Storage.

BTW, I also keep a story file designed for my main client that includes all the standard types of questions in Storage. I copy that file whenever I'm starting a new project for them, so I don't have to repeat the above steps. In other words, the file serves as a template. (I just find it easier to do a Save As then to load a template file.) 

Carol Dungan

Similar experience here... What's so frustrating is I recently took one of Articulate's training courses on masters and templates and the feedback master was presented as something that copies over to new projects...and the service tech I was working with thinks so too. I guess this is one of those things with Storyline that work in theory, but in practice, not so much.

Mark Marino

This has been a maddening bug as long back as I remember.  Really really annoying when trying to create custom feedback for any Freeform screens. It just leads to so much re-work and inefficiencies in producing Storyline content.  Anyone who dips their toes in these waters knows the pain of copying/pasting objects onto multiple (dozens? hundreds?) slides and fixing formatting ad nauseum b/c the Feedback Master is just broken in terms of inheritance.  I think Articulate needs to just re-think how these are supposed to work and re-design this feature from scratch.  It is just far too opaque to discern how it is ever going to behave in any given circumstance. Either it's a serious challenge to re-architect a working Feedback Master system in Storyline, or Articulate doesn't consider it a bug that effects enough people to fix. I have to think it's the former, doesn't everyone need to create custom feedback screens?

Just my $0.02 after spending another afternoon battling broken Feedback Masters.



Dave McKisick

I experience this as well with the buttons on the feedback masters. It forces the question slides I create to use that blue default in the states. It even started to do this in the questions themselves with a blue hover effect. This is something new as the questions don't behave like that in a course I created just last week.