feedback master button states not being inherited by feedback layers

Jul 05, 2016

Hello All,

If I create a brand new project, and add a multiple choice question, and then look at the states for the Continue button on the Correct feedback layer,  here’s what I see (notice the Down state):


If I go to the Feedback Master, and look at the states for the continue button on the Correct feedback layout, this is what I see:


As you can see, in a brand new project – having changed absolutely nothing – there is already a disparity between the Down state of the Feedback Master Correct Layout, and the Correct Feedback Layer it governs. 

This disparity is highlighted if I change a state on the master, because the state does not get inherited by the layers – irrespective of whether the layers existed before I made the state change, or if I add a brand new MC question after I made the state change.  

Here I have changed the color of the Down state on the Feedback Master Correct Layout.


When I create a brand new MC question and view the Correct layer, here’s what the states look like:


Am I misunderstanding something? Can anyone shed any light on this issue? 

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Chris Petrizzo

Hi Christie,

Thanks for your response. The issue has arisen on two different PCs, so I have not felt it warranted to reinstall Storyline. On both machines, the issue arises with brand new files - not just with existing projects. I was hoping that you could confirm that you experience the same behavior. Could you try the steps I outlined in my original message?

  1. create a new project
  2. add a multiple choice question
  3. observe the button states on the correct feedback layer
  4. switch to the feedback master correct layout, and observe the button states - are they exactly the same?
  5. if by some chance they are the same, try changing the color of one of the button states on the master, and see if the multiple choice feedback inherits the change




Wendy Farmer

Hi Chris

I get the same behaviour as you - the 'Down' state is different on the feedback master correct layer to the quiz slide correct layer and making a change to the feedback master on the Down state makes no difference when applying the new layout to an existing slide or when creating a new slide.

I only tested 'Down' state no others.

Chris Petrizzo

Hi Christie, I guess I'm a bit unclear about the role of staff on this forum. First you asked me to essentially reinstall the software rather than actually look into the issue. Then when you you verified that there is a bug in the software, now you're asking me to report it. 

Thanks for at least verifying the issue.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Chris - Thanks for your reply and my apologies that I initially missed that you had attached your file for testing. Our role in the forums is to provide a level of support and at times we defer to our Engineers to do further testing and provide additional technical insights, but as your issue has now been verified, I will go ahead and submit the issue with our QA team. And while I do not have a timeframe for potential resolution, any updates will be shared here as they are received. 

David Guillemette

Hi there,

There's many issues and strange behaviors with the buttons in the feedback master.

Here's an exemple: This is how my button "Continue" looks like in the feedback master viewer - Only a subtle variation of color on mouse hover.

Feedback master button

Then, my button looks like that in the project (after refreshing the feedback layout) :


Feedback layout in project

Note:  this is the best result I got after trying again and again many differents solutions (sometime hover and down states are gradient blue, sometimes there's a big outline popping from nowhere with transparent bg color, or sometimes, why not, the button resize itself, etc.). Then, when I preview my slide, my custom button just don't work (no states change)...

I really don't understand what's happening between the feedback master button and project feedback button. But I wanted to try something else then. Why not creating my own button from a placeholder textbox?  Here's the result in feedback master viewer...

Shape button feedback master

I can't change the state of my homemade button in the feedback master viewer. Why? From there, I tried many others things (like placing the button 99% transparent over the rectangle shape and trigger hover to change the rectangle color), but all I got is unpredictable behavior or software crash. 

So my final solution is to create a custom textbox and copy/paste it in each feedback slide of my project, which is really annoying (when it works, because the software crash almost each time I copy/paste). 

And before you ask, yes I will contact supprot team. I just wanted to add information to this forum thread. But if you have any idea how to create a custom button without a headache, I'll take it.



Ali Goulet

Hi David-

Thanks for sharing your experiences here for everyone, so sorry you're encountering this. The gifs really help highlight what you're explaining, awesome idea to include those! I've located your case with our Support Engineers (case #00880576) and will be sure to follow along. :)

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tiffany,

It looks like David's issue was reported to our Quality Assurance team, specifically that Feedback Master button states are not reflected on the feedback layer buttons in Storyline 2.

Can you describe a bit more about what you're seeing? Better yet, can you record a Peek of the behavior and share it here?

Carl Letcher

Hi, is there an update on this problem?

I'm experiencing the exact issue that was initially reported - changes to the Feedback master button style do not carry over when the button gets generated on the feedback slides.

This affects any changes to the button states. The button's 'Normal' appearance will reflect any custom changes, however the other button states appear to always generate as a standard +x% lighter on 'Hover', +x% darker on 'Down', completely ignoring any formatting or colors done to the various states in the Feedback Master.

Moving the default button out of the way and using a custom button on the Feedback Master is not really feasible either, as it requires a 'jump to next slide" trigger for it to actually work, and 'jump to next slide' is not always what you want (for example on a Try Again layer). 

Not sure why that also refuses to work with just a 'hide this layer' trigger. 





Crystal Horn

Hi there Carl - thanks for confirming.  I'm really sorry that I can't say if this issue will be fixed but you're in the right place to stay updated.  We have reported it to our team, and continue to watch how many customers are affected and what impact it has on courses.

Here's some more detail about how we tackle bugs

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Joyce,

It sounds like the issue your team member is seeing may be different than the Storyline 2 bug that was reported earlier in this thread. I'd be curious to have a closer look at the file, as I have a hunch that a simple tweak to the color scheme could fix the issue.

Would you mind sharing the file with me here? 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Peter,

Sorry to hear that you've run into a similar problem with Storyline 360. I was able to customize the states on the buttons in the feedback master and saw this transfer over to the layout of my slides.

Would you be able to provide a sample .story file demonstrating the problem so that I can better understand what you may be seeing and experiencing?

Peter Moore

Hi Leslie - the problem is exactly as first logged by Chris Petrizzo and beautifully illustrated in the series of gif's he produced.  The video shows how its looking on my SL 360 system today.  I can't supply a storyline file on this one but hopefully the movie shows it all.  Am I missing a setting or going about this the wrong way?

Leslie McKerchie

Hmm, that certainly isn't performing as expected.

Just a couple of additional questions so that I can get this reported correctly:

  • After making your adjustments to the feedback layer, any difference if you right click on the slide to Apply the Layout?
  • Are you creating these slides or are they one of the provided built-in templates? 
Peter Moore

Hi Leslie - in reply to your questions

  • After making your adjustments to the feedback layer, any difference if you right click on the slide to Apply the Layout?

[PM - In the movie, I was selecting  "reset slide"  from the right click menu , so I also tried "apply layout' as you suggested.  Both seem to have the same affect - SL replaces the existing button states with that washed out grey/green state for 'hover'. It appears as though some sort of hue or saturation variation seems to be coded in and applied and its definately not looking at the settings on the master slide to determine this.  Its also not bringing in the 'disabled state properties.]

  • Are you creating these slides or are they one of the provided built-in templates?

[PM - I have created these feedback masters - they are not part of the provided  built-in templates]


Further observation

If I delete the "Continue" button from the slide feedback layer, then either right-click >'reset slide' or right-click > 'apply layout'....A new button is created by SL and placed.  This button gets created with the text label "Button" (instead of 'continue') and it also receives the same unwanted set of styles for its 'hover' and 'disabled' states.  See screenshot - I'm really just repeating what the originator of this thread, Chris Petrizzo, reported over a year ago here.

Guess I'm going to have to delete all buttons from  feedback masters and copy/paste them between each feedback layer at the slide level.  It removes a significant benefit of having 'masters' in doing this though, so It would be great to this fixed and functioning.


feedback master inheritance issues

Carl Letcher


Just echoing Peter's comments - it would be great to actually see a fix for this, especially considering how long ago this problem was reported.

This thread is only a few months short of being 2 years old, 2 more versions of Storyline have since been launched and this bug still persists.

When can we expect a solution for this?