Focus Order Master Slides

Mar 10, 2022

I am not seeing a way to set the Focus order inside the Master slide.  There is NO Focus Order button available in the Master Slide and arranging the items on the timeline from Top to Bottom does not work either.  It would be great obviously for a Focus Order button to be available on the Master Slide but also in general to have the ability to Copy and Paster Focus order from slide to slide.


I of course have created several slides before thinking about Focus order.  A very important Best Practice is to create your first few slides based on your Master slides and then if you copy and paste those slides for the rest of the course development then Focus Order will be setup properly moving forward.  

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Andrea Koehntop

Hello Russ!

The Focus Order is set for each slide rather than on the Master Slide. I understand that you'd like for there to be a Focus Order button on the Master Slide, as well as the option to copy and paste the Focus Order on other slides. For the second request, are you interested in copying and pasting objects which include their spot in the Focus Order?

I'm happy to share these requests with my team and I'll update you if this makes it on our roadmap!

Russ Lickteig

Hi Andrea.  Thanks for getting back to me. For the second I was thinking of just copying and pasting the Focus Order location of objects not the objects themselves.  Since I have my custom buttons on the Master slide and other objects on the individual slides it would be great to setup the Master slide items ( buttons and text boxes-Topic title, Page title, and Body text ) Focus Order and then copy and paste that order to each slide ( since I can't do it on the Master ).  Hope that makes sense.  

Lauren Connelly

Hello Russ!

Thank you for returning to this discussion to clarify your request! I'll share each of these with my team and keep you updated in this discussion.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us in the meantime. We'll be available in this discussion or in a support case. 

Melissa Suárez del Real

Hello Andrea.

I think that having the possibility of at least modifying in some way the focus order of the Master Slide would be really helpful. I'm aware that the focus order should be set individually for each slide, but having a solid base would be great to simplify the task.