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Feb 09, 2017

Hi everyone,

I was wondering about having the option/capability to watch a video on full screen.

For example: place a video file into the presentation, and while watching it, have the option to play at full screen.

Is this an function to switch on prior to publishing, or is this something related to the actual video file itself? On a previous platform, the user was able to play the same video files in full screen.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Thomas!

Have you inserted the video as an MP4 file? There isn't a full screen button as a part of the Storyline video controls or within the Storyline player itself. If you want the embedded video to play full-screen within the Storyline player, you'll want to adjust the Player Properties to 'Resize browser to fill screen' and 'Scale player to fill browser window'.

Another option is to insert the video as a Web Object (for example from YouTube or Vimeo). That would allow you to us the normal video controls, which often include full screen viewing. If you insert the video as a Web Object and you don't see the full screen button, it could be because the web browser is restricting fullscreen mode for embedded iframe content.

Ed Gen


I recently tried embedding a YouTube video into my course and it seems to work nicely ... except for the full screen feature on YouTube's player. It works when playing locally but not on my LMS. When I click the grayed full screen button on the YouTube player, it says "Full screen is unavailable".

Any advice would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Doug Kipta

I'm totally confused why there is no fullscreen button like every player out there for video.  I'm talking about video control inside the player.  the player is already set to fill screen and browser but the video is on screen with text.

So does one have to build a custom control bar for the video where the fullscreen would be a motion path or grow to get the video to seem larger onclick?

Doug Kipta

Why do people keep asking about YouTube videos in this chain. It is when you are using a file from computer. There shouldn’t be any consideration for using YouTube or Vimeo.

This chain in the original was asking about video in course then people said use Vimeo/YouTube.

Don’t cloud the convo. Why should we upload into platform when have file locally.

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Leslie McKerchie

I apologize Doug. 

We like to keep threads open and continue the conversation however users need, but it can get confusing.

To get back to the original question, we do have this thread added to a feature request for the functionality with video files directly added to the course. The latter, YouTube, came up as possible workarounds in the meantime.

Doug Kipta

To give a workaround for this. I would recommend building a custom play at with full screen button that you toggle to a layer. Layer is video in full screen or larger. But running code to sync the timing of the video to the play at or progress bar. But this is a very ugly process so courses that have video. I build in lectora and captivate simply let browser dictate the video control. So not a player in a player.

Disappointing because I like video and storyline. Please get this feature or more playbar options in the video ribbon for us to choose from.

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Ben Bohmfalk

I'm struggling with a related issue...even if users are unable to play a video in full screen in Storyline, I can't figure out how to make the video fill the full frame of the Storyline player. I've read the tutorials and threads here and made the recommended adjustments, but I still get a relatively small video on a relatively large slide in Storyline's modern player. Please see attached; I want the video to fill the black areas that I've scribbled over in red. My current settings are:

Story size: 1000x750px

Player: resize browser to fit screen (although the issue is the same regardless of this setting)

On the slide with the video file (also attached as a screenshot): The video size is 1000px wide, which is 52% scale of the original size of 1920px. I would think that that would fill the slide but it still displays with all the gray area around it, as a small video in a large browser.

Any tips of simply creating a Storyline file with a video that fills its slide size? I can restart this project easily at this stage, but I want to get it right before adding all the videos.



Crystal Horn

Hey there, Ben.  Thanks for sharing those details and the screenshot.  From what you're describing, it looks like the Storyline player is doing what it's designed to do - scale to fill the available window without stretching or skewing your slide content.  Here's what I mean:

The green rectangle is the total slide area.  The aspect ratio of your slide won't change no matter how the player readjusts to the available screen space.

  1. Here I'm pointing out some space left on the slide around the video.  While the video is 1000 pixels wide, virtually the same width at the slide size, it isn't as tall as the slide.  The video won't stretch to fill the slide.
  2. Here is some space around the slide in the player.  The slide will fill the player area until it cannot expand any further.  The height of the slide has reached the maximum for the player space.  The player won't stretch the slide's width because it would cause distortion.

If your videos are all the same size, I would tailor your slide dimensions according to the video dimensions.  That would ensure that the video gets maximum space in the slide, and therefore in the player!  Let me know if you have any other questions.