Generating Email from Storyline That Includes An Embedded Hyperlink

I've been using a basic JavaScript code to generate an email from within Storyline 360 that the Learner sends to their manager and it works very well.  Now, the request is to have the email include a hyperlink to a standard document that recaps the points for manager.  (Content is to robust for the email itself.) 

I'm not a JavaScript wizard but in searching, it seems this might be a bit of a stretch for JavaScript to write the link in the body of the email.

Any suggestions would be welcomed if it can be done with JavaScript.  Even an attachment would work.

By the way, using a Storyline 360 block worked for me to generate a Storyline interactive slide to send an email from within RISE.  Fantastic!

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Matthew Bibby

Hey Neil,

It's not possible to set up a normal hyperlink, but you may be able to include the full URL.

Mailto: is meant to be plain text only, so including HTML won't work. However, if you include your URL (e.g. then it should display as a clickable link assuming a modern email client is being used.