Getting kicked out of the elearning module when viewing pdf files

Mar 02, 2021


I am building a Storyline 360 module which has recently been tested in an LMS. 

In the module there are images, which when selected take the user to a different window to view a pdf file. When the user closes the pdf file, they have to go back a screen and then re-log into the course to resume where they left off. 

Any ideas as to why this is happening? Is it something to do with the pdf files being stored on my computer and not the company's server? 

Any help would be much appreciated.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing with your published file.

We recommend adding local files to your projects and they will then be included as expected with your published package. It sounds like they are able to see the pdf, correct, just that it's closing the course?

It sounds like you have the pdf set to open in a new window, so I'm curious if you're able to replicate this behavior in SCORM Cloud or if this is limited to your LMS?

Steve Hazelton

Hi Lesley -

We have this problem when users open the course in Google Chrome. In IE, the pdf would open as a separate tab so if the user x'd out of the tab, the course showed up. In Chrome, the window opens on top of the course window, but x'ing the pdf window closes both windows. We have found two work-arounds (neither of which is completely reliable). The best way is to hover over the Chrome icon on the bottom bar. Two (or more) windows will be there, one of which is the course. Alternatively, sometimes you can minimize (not x) the pdf window and the course window will be there. But sometimes it's the launch window. If it's the launch window, the course window will usually be there someplace, just still hiding.

Like you, we've gone to primarily adding the files as separate components of the course when we build it in our LMS. However, the flow is just not as good.

Grace Durnford

What is the fix in cases where the resource is external and not something you can add into the project?

For whatever it's worth, having to add a file into the project is not actually a great workaround because then you have multiple versions that have to be updated anytime you make a change (unless I'm missing something)