Help With Interpreting Storyline Changes for Moodle

Jul 08, 2014

The following was provided by a clients' external Moodle team when requested to help resolve sizing issues for an Articulate Storyline module launched in Moodle version 2.3.2+ (Build: 20120927). (Buttons are cut off, etc.)

The Moodle "support" for the client does not use Articulate.

I have read (and responded) to several of the threads regarding Moodle/Storyline and sizing, etc. I've tried many combinations and still no real solution.

Now I have the following. Can anyone help "interpret" from a Storline perspective what my course of action should be?

1. There are a lot of auto-generated/stock files (possibly from the SCORM wrapper service used). There are many calls to various resize functions in several JavaScript files. We suggest either commenting out those function calls or tweaking the parameters of those calls accordingly.

>>2. We see quite a few styles/attributes for height set to 100%. There can be problems with 100% height if that element is not set to position: relative. Often, it can assume 100% of the ultimate parent/container, despite having a sibling element that is taking up some of that height. In those cases, the immediate container cannot accommodate an element using say 30px and a sibling element using 100% (100% + 30px), so you end up with a scrollbar that will never go away.

>>3. It appears the Flash content is scaling to fit as the window is resized. Since it looks like the container/parent is not sized correctly, this could be an additional problem. We suggest removing all inner content and having the main container set with a visible border/background so you can see how it's being resized and correct before adding the content/Flash back in.


>>I'm guessing there are several resize/size issues going on at the same time. So, putting emphasis on #3 is imperative to tracking down all the issues. With less content vying for space within the containers, you can get each piece correct before adding more child elements and getting those working.

Thank you in advance.

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