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Admin Rehoba

Hi guys,

We're having the same issue here. We tried to duplicate the Normal state, name it Hover, delete the original image, and then add the one we want to use for Hover. It looks good when moving the mouse pointer from one state to the other in the "editing mode". However, when previewing the slide, it doesn't work: the Normal image stays visible at the same time as the Hover image appears....

It seems like the "Normal" state is a base layer that stays visible when on the Hover state is shown. A trick (not very elegant) is to:

- edit the Hover state,

- add a shape with the background you need,

- add the Hover image on top of that shape

and that did the trick.

Would be nice to know if this behaviour is "as designed" or is a bug..

Greg McEntee


I'm having a similar problem I think. I have set up a hover that changes the state of a hidden image and  shape to normal view  and it hides an existing image on the layer. In preview mode the normal and hide states work a treat when you hover over the selected area. When you mouse away the original images revert to the hidden state which is what I want. However the default image on the layer does not return. I have the "Restore on Mouse leave option" checked (have tried it not checked to no avail).

I have also tried the suggestion above about creating a different state called hover with no image but that did not work either.

Any help appreciated. 

Admin Rehoba

Hi guys,

@Peter: sorry for the lack of reply, not very good of me. We ended up having to change our animation so the problem kind of disappeared.

We tried to re-create the issue this morning and couldn't really replicate it (i.e. everything works a treat) so not too sure what to make of it. Obviously happy that it works

@Greg: can you share your source file?


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro


I have a question about this. I was able to edit the hover state fine, delete the original object, and insert a new object. But when I go into preview mode and hover over the objects, there is a lot of flashing: the 2 states seem to be competing with each other. If I move my mouse off the object and back on the flashing goes away and the hover state object displays. Subsequently, if I move my mouse away and back it performs as expected: that is, the hover object appears when I'm hovering, the "normal" object appears when I move away, and there is no flashing.

I thought I heard or read somewhere that you may need to go in and edit the the additional state object so it is positioned at 0,0 (like the "normal" object). I did this for all 3 of my objects, but I still get flashing on one of them. How do you fix this? I've run into this before with states.

David Anderson

Hi Becky-

Is the hover object the same size as the normal object? I'm guessing that your hover object is smaller than your normal object.

So, when you mouse away from the smaller, hover object, you're still over the normal object so it quickly shifts back to hover.

I agree that this could be handled better. Please consider submitting a feature request

Greg McEntee


Thanks for that. Been meaning to post this.

I actually worked around my flicker problem by creating a custom hover state on the offending image, making it 100% transparent and amending the trigger to show and hide the custom hover state when required. It now works as I wanted it.

As I had the default hover state on the image, every time you moved the mouse over it, it disappeared, thus creating the flicker illusion.

Got the inspiration from another post about the visible state and making that a custom state.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

David, I didn't save the test I'd done (really not like me but there it is), but just now I recreated a test using some stock images. This time, instead of getting flickering, I've run into the problem described above by Stephanie, Bob, and Admin Rehoba (only Phil's fix didn't work for me as it did for Stephanie). That is, all looks good on the slide, but in Preview mode the normal state doesn't disappear.Two different "trials"

  • Starting state for Trial one: Checkmark. Starting state for Trial Two: A "Go" sign
  • In both cases duplicate the starting/normal state and add a Hover state.
  • In both cases delete the original clip art image and insert the "hover" image
    Replacement for checkmark is an X image
    Replacement for "Go" sign is a "Stop" sign.
  • Done editing states

In preview mode, when I hover, I see the "normal" image under the hover image.

The "trick" in your Screenr does work. So I placed the new "hover" image over the original image and made the original image transparent. Go to preview mode, hover and see only the X (or the Stop sign). Move away and the checkmark (or go sign) reappear.

Is it important to remind us that the new shape should be at position 0,0?

Greg, it sounds like you arrived at something similar to David's suggestion.

Doug Bedinger

I have a different kind of flicker problem and wonder if there is a solution available.  In one particular scene, when the learner clicks on an object, it plays a new layer, then takes on a custom "painted" state - which actually moves the object to a new location on the slide.  Now when the person hovers over this object, the original hover state shows up with the object back in the original location, so in effect the object "goes away."  But now the object is no longer in hover state, so the state returns to "painted."  If the learner has not moved the mouse, the object then goes back into the hover state, and we have an infinate loop.  This situation now creates a very cool, but unwanted flicker state (see attached example.  Hover over any paint object after it moves onto the easel, and you will see what I mean).   Any suggestions on how to stop the strobe?

David Anderson

Hi Doug -

I think I see what's going on with your file and I'd recommend removing the painted state from your buttons. The Hover state is a built-in property so it's always going to fire when the cursor moves over the button.

Instead, try putting your paint graphics on your base layer and set their Initial states to Hidden. Then, trigger their state to normal when media completes on each slide layer.

Here's a quick overview:

Doug Bedinger


Thanks for your help.  I added the hidden paint splotches, and the flicker was eliminated.  However I needed to include a custom "painted" state for each splotch in order to trigger the final layer.  From now on, if I move an object within a state, I'll not include the hover option.

marina r

Hi Everyone,

I am having some trouble with my visited state (please see attached).  I have added states to a number (in a circle).  In the normal state, there are a couple pictures in the state next to the number (though these pictures do not exist outside of the state).  In the hover and selected states, the image and number are highlighted, and in the visited state, the pictures have been deleted, and only the number outlined in gray remains.  For some reason, when you preview the file and click on the number, then click again to deselect, the picture from the "normal" state is always visible even though it does not exist in the visited state.  Why does the normal graphic appear in all the other states, even if that graphic has been deleted?

Thank you,


Kevin Hunter
Alyssa Gomez

Hi Leslie! Tell me more about what's going on with your states.  Are you seeing the normal state behind another state? 

Try using a custom state instead of a built-in state (like Hover or Visited). If that doesn't help, share a sample of your file, and we'll take a closer look!

I'm also having this problem. Whilst your solution does work, I think with is just a workaround rather than a fix to what looks to be an 8 year old problem.

It's also worth noting using your solution can break the file in other ways. For example a slide with multiple links that are set up this way can cause them to randomly disappear on rollover.

When is this basic feature going to be fixed?