How to get the correct results passed to the LMS when not all quizzes are required

Aug 24, 2018


I am working on an active listening game course, in which the learner is a travel agent. The learner listens to a customer describe what he's looking for in a vacation destination, then selects the destination. There's really only one quiz question in the course - the destination.

Now, here's where it gets a little complicated. We want to allow learners to listen to the customer again and/or get hints, but we want points to be deducted if they click the listen again or hint buttons.

We want 3 levels of feedback - Correct (if they select the correct answer without re-listening to the customer or accessing the hints), kinda correct (where the learner re-listened or accessed hints because they weren't listening well enough the first time), and incorrect.

The way we have it set up right now, a total variable is set to 10. Each time a learner clicks the listen again button or hint button, a point is deducted from the total variable.

Based on the total variable, when the learner submits the answer, it branches to 1 of 3 question slides which are formatted to look like feedback. When the user clicks the continue button, the Correct slide adds 5 points (total 15 points for getting the correct answer without additional help); the kinda correct slide adds 2 points to the total score, which gives the user 80% of the possible 15 points and allows them to pass; the incorrect slide is set to zero, so it doesn't affect the score which already zero.

Each of these slides has its own results slide.

Finally a results slide adds these results slides together in order to pass the data to the LMS. Here's where the problem lies - Since the learner doesn't access all the quiz slides, the final %, even if they get the answer correct the first time is only 94%.

Is there a better way of getting what we want or a way to manipulate the results variables to reflect the correct score?

I realize this is really hard to explain and have attached the file if you want to take a look. Keep in mind this is still under development.

Thank you.

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