How to import a story file in Storyline 360?

Aug 09, 2021

Hi there,

I need your help!

I have to work on a story file developed by someone else. It is designed to display on mobile device.

When I launch the story file, Storyline open a project with a standard size for 4:3 display, which is not appropriate (I have empty space on right and left of my content).

Previous developer let the following advice: "Do not open the story file. Launch Storyline and then import the story file. This will avoid any problem." This looks like a good advice, BUT, there is no option to import a story file. We can only import story template...

I tried to open a new project, change the size of the scene and then import the story file... but the objects and fonts are not placed correctly anymore.

Do you have any idea that could help me?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Isabelle,

You don't actually import the .story file. You import slides from the .story file. 

To do that, use New Slide > Import... > Import Storyline. 

This will bring up a window for browsing to the file that has the slides you want to import.

Then you'll be able to select which slides to import.