How to Multi Select Captions

Feb 01, 2022


I have a training from Zoom with the transcripts in .VTT format and I would like to import the captions. I had to edit out the first few seconds of the video so I removed the first few captions in the .VTT to match. However, when I import the .VTT to the edited video, the captions are starting a few seconds behind. Is there a way to select all of the captions and move them up a few seconds? I have attached a screen shot as well. Thank you!

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Josh Dean

I don't believe there is a native way in storyline to select multiple captions and move them all at once. However, I work with captions and subtitle files a lot and caption files are plain text that can be opened in any text editor. 

I use a free Microsoft text editor called "Visual Studio Code" then I use another free studio code extension called "Subtitles Editor". The subtitles editor lets you convert between SRT and VTT, offset, renumber....... and shift. I've used it for hour long presentations and 10 minute clips. Works wonders. There is a even a quick translate function that can translate the caption file using google translate.