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Lauren Connelly

Hi Kimberley,

In Storyline, you can add a PDF for your users in a few different ways.

For example, using the “Jump to URL/File” trigger.

Before creating the trigger, make sure your PDF file is located on your local drive. Reference this article for an in-depth explanation on how to use the “Jump to URL/File” trigger.

Check out some other options available in this conversation.

After these steps, you’ll want to publish your course to see how the PDF opens for your users. I typically use Review360 for a quick preview of my courses.

Marc Crawford

Old thread, but still very relevant. If you want to take a PDF and import it in as slides, which O think is actually what a lot of people want to do, there are a few steps you can take.

Open your PDF in adobe acrobat, export it as a Powerpoint presentation.

Then, import the PPT presentation into Storyline.