Install Failed (ERROR 80070643)

Hi everyone,

I am getting an Install Failed message when trying to install storyline 2 on my Dell Laptop. (Windows 10 64 bit) I get the message:

Install Failed
The storyline installation folder contents appear to have been moved, renamed or deleted. ERROR 80070643

The bar becomes full and all files are copied to the program files (x86)  folder and an icon is created on the desktop. But then suddenly all of it disappears (the folder and the icon) and it gives the error message.

I have tried some things suggested in previous threads including:

1. Installing the Zip version / EXE versions. Both give the same errors.
2. Going back to recovery save point and starting again. Same error.
3. Installing the program on another laptop and copying the program file to this laptop. Running the file does nothing. Installing Storyline again with that folder still gives the error message. 
4. copying temp files that were suggested. but those too disappear.

Any and all help is really appreciated.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joshua,

It looks like Miker got you situated and you're back to using Articulate 360! For any others who come across this forum discussion you'll want to check out the steps here for Microsoft Visual C++ and if you're still having difficulty we'll have you work direct with our Support Engineers.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Scot,

Sorry to hear that you've run into an issue installing your software.

Be sure to follow the steps here to have a clean install of Storyline 2. 

If you're still hitting that error message, please reach out to our Support team and they'll work with you to collect error logs to see what the issue may be.