Internal variables??


Please help...somewhat confused

As a separate question related to these four internal variables: I know they reflect quizzmaker quizz scores.

Please correct me if I am wrong (hopefully so) in my assumptions below:

I have currently a bank of quizzmaker slides in my lesson1 scene. I will create another bank of quizzmaker slides in the second lesson; and another bank in a third lesson.  Since all three lessons will be scenens in the same storyline file, these internal variables will be common throughout. Since variables, by nature, must have unique names and since I cannot adjust these internal variables to = o when the timline begins in each scene, I will have to create separate scoring variables for lesson 2 & 3 if I want to have separate and independent scores for three lessons. After lesson 1, I can not longer use the internal variables to track score? This is also true if i want to show the separate scores for each lesson at the conclusion of the course?

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