Issue with text variables!!!

Sep 12, 2017


I have the latest update to Storyline 360 and have found an issue of published files whenever a text variable reference is used. 

For some reason, the formatting in a text box is off when I insert the text reference variable into it. I have attached two screenshots of the text box in a published view - not preview mode.

One screenshot has the text box with the first name text variable in it and the second screenshot has the same text box but without the text variable in it. 

You will see the alignment is off. This is just one example. Don't be concerned with the grey bars that show up in one of the screenshots (I have been told this a preview mode bug that is still being fixed - I have other threads about this).

I had another slide that had the same text variable and bullet points and in published view, they were all over the place. As soon as I took the text variable away, the bullet points were aligned correctly.

I have used this variable multiple times with no issues at all. Is this a bug for 360?

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Jacqueline Byrne

Hi Cassidy, 

I was not able to get any issues resolved. I found more than 15 bugs in the software during the first few months of using it, which prevented me from achieving any of the functionality that I wanted. I have completely given up on Storyline and will never use it again.

Andy McKay


Was a fix for this ever found/implemented, as I am running in to a similar issue.

I have aligned text boxes that are the same height, formatted the same and have the same font/size throughout. Text is vertically centred in all text boxes, but as you can see from the attached screenshot, the text boxes on the right (these are the ones with the variable reference), the text isn't aligning vertically in the centre.

It concerns me that this issue was reported 6 years ago and still appears to be present in the latest build of Storyline.

Jürgen Schoenemeyer

i don't have the font "Sharp Sans Display No.1"

so I have tested with Roboto -> ok

with Open Sans -> good

and with Bahnschrift ->  very bad (similar to Sharp Sans Display No.1)

the quality of center text in storyline depends on

I have tested my bad font "Bahnschrift" and modified the margin for the variable text fields

this looks terrible in authoring

but the result:

much better

you could try for "Sharp Sans Display No.1" something similar

Andy McKay

Hi Jürgen,

Thank you for taking the time to investigate this, it really is appreciated. I'll try your suggestion, as it looks to do the trick. It's incredibly frustrating that we have to find such workarounds for something that, in my opinion, should just work, especially for an issue that is 6+ years old. I would've thought a fix would be implemented in that time, as this is clearly a software bug and not an isolated incident.

Thank you again,