Issues Tracking with Workday Learning (LMS)

We recently moved to Workday Learning as our LMS. Since then we've been running into issues where Rise articles and Storyline 360 learnings are not tracking correctly or consistently. Workday is telling us that it must be a problem with our wrapping (SCORM). I can't see what we're doing wrong. Has anyone else run into this issue? Is there a special step we're supposed to take? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Moriah and Christin, 

I'm not familar with Workday LMS, but I'd suggest testing your courses in another LMS environment such as SCORM Cloud.  That'll help you see where the issue may be occurring.

I'd also ask your LMS admin if there is a specific SCORM/TinCan API publishing option you need to use. 

Eboni DuBose

We are piloting right now and built course in Rise (with Storyline interactions). We are highly disappointed in the LMS.  It was purchased before our Learning team was assembled by the HR team so we're stuck with it for 18 more months :-(.  

It's in an it's infancy so lacks critical aspects that LMS should have.  

  1. We have noticed that when a learner completes a course and then revisits the course, it totally starts them off in a new course.  It doesn't ask if you would like to resume, etc?  it starts them off back off in the beginning of the course.  Thus we now have to open our navigation so that learners once they complete courses, won't have to go through all of there course.
  2. If you need to update a course, it totally wipes out a learner's progress.  There is NO (update a new version) option.  So if you made any typos or had a glitch in a simulation, learners progress is LOST.  They are back to the beginning of the course every time the course is updates. Your QA game had better be magnificent! 
  3. Reporting is atrocious.  It's just excel sheets that you have to export.  Nothing pretty about it.  Also The dashboard defaults to tables not graphs.  And you can't make it default to graphs to make getting a quick glimpse easier. 
  4. No gamification

18 more months  can't come soon enough!

Colleen Cote

I think this is still an issue. We have Workday Learning and are currently dealing with completion tracking issues (especially with courses that have quizzes inside of them). Part of the problem is that we can't re-set anyone without dropping them from the course and re-enrolling them. 

Elizabeth Polak

Eboni, you hit the nail right on the head!  We were "fast followers" in implementing Workday Learning back in 2017 and it was AWFUL!  Just as you stated, it lacks critical aspects every LMS should have!  I don't think it's gotten much better because we just tested a Rise course in the system a few weeks ago and it took me 8 clicks to get to the content!  RIDICULOUS!

Natasha Bomba

We are also about to launch Workday. Does anyone know if you can get detailed reporting (per question, what learners got right/wrong)? I know SL can send the data but I'm wondering if Workday will cooperate. We're mid transition at the moment and limited to who can test what, so hoping the forum has some insights. Fingers crossed this is going to work. 

Marcus Haddon

I have just joined a new L&D team, and have also found out they have just begun the negotiation with Workday for the LMS element. What I read here is concerning. 

I am also a massive 360 fan, but the company has been using Lectora and has a licence for the next 12 months. 

It is wishful thinking to hope that the issues are articulate specific (I doubt it).

But can anyone give any update on workday LMS, is it getting any better?

Amy Pennington

We are seeing that you need to always use Chrome and not IE.  This is a problem for our users.  In addition, we have seven vendor purchased modules that are video and graphic heavy. We have employees around the US and the network can drop them and it will not resume them to the spot where they dropped.  

Reports are difficult to get out of the LMS.  We spent about a month perfecting the report.  Not all the data can go on one report since the data is stored in separate tables that cannot be joined.  

With Campaigns, it does not enroll the employee in the course, only tells them they have a course they need to take and go and enroll in it.  

Hoping in later releases they will get this product corrected. 

Let me know if you want to speak offline. 

Eboni DuBose

Ditto Amy on campaigns.  Campaigns only notify the learn.  To get enrollment, the learner has to actually click on the link (but at least now you can make the courses within your campaign go into their required learning bucket)

Chrome is your best bet.  IE is now an unsupported LMS browser.  If you use IE, you will have font issues (we tried using Arial on all courses and still sometimes have font issues when importing Storyline interactions in Rise)

Reporting is very clunky.  Our Workday IT configurator finally has gotten us to a good report.  We are retail and needed to see completion by store level.  Since we have reporting finalized, we can now work on improving the dashboard. 

Everything is just hard in Workday.  Learning was just an attachment on Workday so it's still in its infancy thus the UX is very poor.  It was not made to be an LMS