Issues Tracking with Workday Learning (LMS)

Dec 11, 2017

We recently moved to Workday Learning as our LMS. Since then we've been running into issues where Rise articles and Storyline 360 learnings are not tracking correctly or consistently. Workday is telling us that it must be a problem with our wrapping (SCORM). I can't see what we're doing wrong. Has anyone else run into this issue? Is there a special step we're supposed to take? 

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Dani Blount

I'm on the other side of the fence - I love Workday! I will say, I have only been using the system for 4 years so I still have a lot to learn. It certainly challenges me, but I have enjoyed getting to know the system. I have used other LMSs in the past (UltiPro, Canvas) and personally like Workday the best. There are a few things that Workday cannot do that leaves me scratching my head, but otherwise the system is a good fit for us. 

I'm happy to help anyone that is having Storyline issues as best I can. We did just recently switch all of our annual compliance courses to Rise and they are giving us issues for (some, but not all) our iPad users. 

I'm also happy to share/compare report definitions for campaign reporting if it would help. 

Just for my own curiosity - Why would auto enrollment for campaigned content help? Just to give the employee less steps to take? A more simplistic process for completing learning? 

Moriah Roberts

We've been with Workday Learning since 2017, and yes, it's getting better. We also have an amazing HRIS team that does wonders with everything Workday rolls out.  
We still run into random issues with courses. The problem is they're not consistent and so because they're inconsistent it's hard for me to believe that it's a SCORM issue. but that is what Workday keeps telling us. What I've found is if I re-publish the course (and don't change any settings) for whatever reason the issue seems to go away. 

Narelle McCallum

Hi all - this is an interesting (and concerning!) thread. My organisation is moving to Workday also (implementing next year), and we have been advised by our implementing partner that SCORM works without any anticipated issues!? Only time will tell.

We currently have many of our eCourses developed using Articulate Rise, and I am about to publish them for testing in Workday. Any recommendations on the best version of SCORM to publish?

e.g. SCORM 1.2 or 2004 v2,3,4?

Thanks in advance for your advice/assistance.


Chris Hensen

Just published a seven module campaign from Articulate 360 into Workday.

At first we were using slide count for completion tracking. Both course completion and resume tracking were functioning properly in our Workday Sandbox tests.

We realized that we wanted to track completion with a trigger due to branching within a few modules. Workday stopped tracking completion and resume tracking is not working properly once the completion trigger has been added. Currently researching if Workday views Passed/Incomplete and Completed/Incomplete as the same.

Fortunately, we have an awesome instructional designer who knows both systems. I will update this post on what he uncovers.

Julie Ewing

Chris, we are testing Storyline content in our Workday implementation tenant. We are using slide count for completion within Storyline and use Passed/Incomplete to report status to LMS. All of these setting work in our current LMS, SAP SuccessFactors, but are not working in Workday. Workday is completing the course upon launch. We are publishing to AICC. Do you use SCORM or AICC and if SCORM what version? Have you found any other issues with Articulate 360 working correctly with Workday Learning?


Tabatha Willis

We have been with Workday Learning since January of this year. We are also experiencing issues with courses marking complete as expected for most employees, but then not completing for others. Advising to use Chrome corrects some of the issues reported, but not all. We publish using SCORM 2004 with a pass/fail and/or score option depending on the course. I am interested if anyone has any additional tips we could try. I have reached out to the Workday Community but have not received much support. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Also, I agree with the comments on reporting and campaigns. I did hear that there is a future release that campaigns will automatically enroll users into the course, but there is no deliverable date on that enhancement yet. This would be hugely beneficial because standard learning reports do not show content unless a user is enrolled. The campaign report is locked to an admin level, at least for us, which requires us to provide completion reports for all campaigns.  The reporting capabilities could be greatly enhanced from a user experience.

Chris Hensen

Julie our course are published in SCORM 1.2

We have published multiple Storyline courses with all of the options (quiz 100%, quiz 80%, Passed/Incomplete). In our opinion everything worked well until I updated a few courses in a campaign. We learned the only difference was the application of the May 19, 2020 Storyline update. A co-worker, who had not updated, published the file and it worked and tracked as designed. I reverted back to the May 5th version and have had no issues.  Because I am up against some pretty significant deadlines on this project I have not uploaded any of the newer releases that may solve this issue. At first I thought it was Workday, but it was not. I hope this helps.

Jennifer Merrill

Hi Dani! Glad you like Workday, it gives me hope! I am wondering if you have done any testing or know the recommended publish settings for SL and Rise. We are using SCORM 2004 but our translation vendor asked what edition (2nd, 3rd, 4th). Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!

Amy Pennington

Hi Narelle -

Yes we have assessments incorporated in the modules.  Some of the assessments must be completed with 100% before the learner can exit the system or get credit.  I have one assessment which is scored and the score is passed to Workday to show on the learner's transcript.  A special report had to be created to extract the score.  Hope this helps. 

Feel free to email me if you have more questions. 


Sangeeta Das

Hi Amy,

Could you please help me with the settings you used to get the scoring right? Another issue we have in Workday is that all our Rise and SL courses pre-knowledge check have one attempt only, so if the learners fail, they need to complete the full course with assessment. However, workday allows our learners to Retake the course even after failing to improve their score. Is there any workaround for this?

Martin De La Yncera

So we noticed that if a course is not completed when accessed originally, those users report issues completing the training, and Workday does not report successful completion. We use SCORM 2004 V4 Passed Fail. From reading most of the posts here, I heard that the most successful with Workday is to use (Complete / Incomplete)  or (Passed / Incomplete). I will start using these settings, and if I see any improvement, I will post them here.