Keyboard shortcuts in software training

Here is an issue I've come across multiple times when doing simulated software training (what I've been doing for most of the past 10 years).

When I'm trying to train best practices with software we use in our health care system, the software often has built in keyboard shortcuts. They vary according to the software, and the usage varies according to the application.

When I try and build simulations in Articulate (using Storyline 2 at the moment because the organization has over 150 existing assets built in Storyline 2, and 8 developer licences they don't want to pay to upgrade), I have a difficult time being able to simulate those keyboard shortcuts as triggers because they often are used as keyboard shortcuts in Articulate itself and/or as browser shortcuts that trigger when users are trying to navigate a course through the LMS.

So far the best I've been able to manage is to insert a text box letting the learner know there is a keyboard shortcut (and what it is) for this function, but it will only work in the live environment not in the training sim. This isn't ideal when trying to train those exact shortcuts as best practices.

Has anyone else run into this and/or found a successful work around?

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