Learndash closing the browser window

Dec 09, 2021

I'm wondering if anyone has encountered, and hopefully found a resolution for a problem one of my clients is having with the Learndash LMS plugin. The course is made of several SCORM packages. The user click an exit button in storyline that has the 'course complete' trigger. In most cases, this closes that SCORM and opens the next. For a tiny handful of users, clicking the exit button closes the SCORM package and the browser window too. This means having to open a new window and logging back in to the LMS. It only seems to happen on some versions of IE and Chrome, but there's no clear pattern or reason behind why it affects some and not others. Any thoughts?

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Michael Newboult

Hi Matt, when it happens to someone, it always happens to them. It's almost always in IE but doesn't crop up if the same person uses Chrome. But now two Chrome users have the same issue. Not tried the private browser option but I'll suggest it. thanks. It's worth noting that almost all users do not have the problem.

Matthew Bibby

My guess is it’s a browser extension that’s interfering. That would explain why it always happens to the same people in their main browser, but not an alternate one. If it works in a private browsing session (where extensions shouldn’t be enabled and the cache will be ignored) then I’d test with individual extensions disabled to try and narrow it down. Let me know how you go mate.