Make voice over mandatory

Nov 06, 2023

I have a few interactive slides in my storyline scene. The slides for examples have multiple layers where you have to click on a text box to access the layer. Each layer, including the initial layer, has a voice over. However, I do not know how to make the voice over mandatory to listen to/complete before you can click on a text box. Right now, you can click the text boxes whenever and the new layer voice over will activate. How do I make the first layer voice over mandatory to complete before you can click a text box? And how can I make each layer voice over then have to complete before you can go to a different layer? 

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Judy Nollet

One easy way to ensure the user finishes each layer is to present them as Dialog layers. Dialog layers prevent the user from clicking anywhere else on the screen. (For more info: Storyline 360: Dialog Layers - Articulate Support)

On each layer:

  • Add a button with a trigger that hides (closes) the layer.
  • Set the button's Initial State to Hidden.
  • Add a trigger that changes the button to Normal when the media (that is, the voiceover) completes.

Or set the Slide Layer Properties to prevent the user from clicking on the base. (Personally, I don't like this if the buttons still look clickable but aren't. That could be confusing to users.)

Another option is to cover the clickable text boxes on the base with a shape on the layer, and then add a trigger that changes the shape to Hidden when the media completes. 

Here's more info (+ a demo file) about controlling the NEXT button: