Making a slider/scale bar and tracking imput?

Hey guys! I'm fairly new here.. so I apologize if I'm not completely clear on things.

I'm using Storyline and I need to make a slider/scale bar where the small arrow can be moved to show the likeliness of an event happening. Then I need to be able to track where the learner has moved the arrow as a score to show the supervisor.

I'm not really sure how I could do this so any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
The image shows sort of what I plan the slide to look like at the end.

Thanks so much for any help!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Harri for sharing that example. 

Sherrise, some other things to keep in mind when creating this slider - you may want to review the following types of freeform questions and graded or survey questions that you can track within Storyline. 

You could also decide to track by slides viewed if you wanted to ensure they saw this slide. 

Mike Taylor

Hi Sherrise! The slider that Harri mentioned is great for this. To track the answers you can set up a variable for each type (Near miss, incident and accident) to capture your users selections. 

The way that slider works is by displaying different states of the slider image. You can set a trigger that adjusts your variable based on which slider state is displayed. For example, here are the fives states of a slider I used recently. 

You can use an Adjust variable trigger to record your users' slider selections.  So when the state of the slider object is in state 1 adjust the value to No Chance, when then state of the slider object is state 5 adjust the variable to Always, etc. 

For the tracking piece you can insert a survey question and use the value of the variable with a trigger to automatically select the right response and another trigger to automatically submit the survey data behind the scenes so your users never even see it. 

I've attached an example you can check out. (Note that the last slide is a Results Slide which you need to report the survey data to your LMS. )