Middle & Centre Align Option Behaviour

Sep 29, 2020

Hi all,

Articulate seem to have put in some additional functionality into Storyline 360 for aligning and positioning objects.

For the most part, these are welcome. Distribute horizontally and vertically is much appreciated, as is being able to centre objects both horizontally and vertically with other objects. However, this leads me into the problem I'm facing and that is the behaviour of this centre align option in both x and y.

If I select one object, press align centre (x) or middle (y), it aligns it to the centre of the slide as expected based on the option selected.

If I select multiple objects, then it seems to be up to Storyline's whim as to whether it aligns them based on one of the objects (such as last object or first object selected) or does so by using the middle point between the two. Is it possible, or can it be made possible, to choose which object to use as the anchor for the operation of aligning (as in, if no object is specified, it aligns to the mid point between the objects chose, or you can choose which object out of your selection to centre the other objects around).

Lastly, how is one supposed to align multiple objects to the slide's centre/middle at once using that very button? I could drag them all over to the middle, but this is kind of annoying when the performance of Storyline needs work to behave more fluid (as in when moving objects across the slide it doesn't do it at what looks like a rate of 2 FPS).

Would it not have made more sense to implement two separate buttons groups: one group to align based on the slide, and another group to align based on objects that only becomes available when multiple objects are selected (effectively we're talking how Adobe Illustrator handles this functionality as it does so really well).



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