NEW IN ARTICULATE 360: Install a Previous Version and Snooze Updates

We’ve added two new features that give you more control over updates to your Articulate 360 apps.

First, you can now install a previous version of Storyline 360, Studio 360, Replay 360, or Peek when there's a new feature you're not quite ready to use. Second, if you’re don’t want to install a new software update yet, you can snooze notifications for a day, a week, or until the next update is available.

We think this new flexibility is going to be super useful for you all. Enjoy!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Calvin,

You can have multiple versions of Storyline on one machine, such as Storyline 2 and Storyline 360. You cannot, however, have multiple versions of the same piece of software running at the same time such as Storyline 360 Update 40 and Storyline 360 Update 37.

Let me know if that answers your question or if I can help you with anything else.