Pausing timeline when pausing a video

I just noticed that when a video in a slide is paused the timeline keeps moving along.  It does not pause in unison with the video control pause.

I have some screencasts that I made and inserted into my project.  I added some zooms onto the slide, so that there would be some good closeups on stuff in my screencasts.  When the user stops the video, the zooms continue to display, which looks totally crazy. 

Then, when the player resumes the video, the zooms have finished playing and the user no longer has the benefit of any video closeups.

Is there a way for me to get the whole timeline to pause whenever my user clicks pause on the video controls?



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Katie Riggio

Hello, Greg. Happy to brainstorm ideas!

Do you have your Slide Advances: property set to Automatically or By user?

If By User, a slide will not automatically advance until learners interact with it. If Automatically, how slides advance is based on it reaching the end of the timeline.

Also, would you mind sharing a sample file so I can get a clear picture of your current setup? Since this is a public forum, you can import the slides into a new Storyline file. Then, remove any private information and attach that file in a new reply here.

Let me know, and we'll explore further from there!