Personalised fields when importing questions from XLS file

Nov 22, 2023

Hello everyone,

I'm about to import 600 questions from XLS files in 3 learning units. Given the fact they are official questions, they each have a particular reference which will allow me to dispatch the 600 questions in other 60 learning units after importing them in my first 3 units.

I would like to add a field with this reference on the screen. Is it possible? What do I need to put in the first line of my XLS file to have :

- Type of Question
- Point
- Question
- Answer 1,2,3...
- Reference of the question ? (which is my lacking field)

Either using Storyline or Quizmaker.

Thank you very much for your answer that would save me 2 weeks of copy-pasting 600 questions and dispatching them afterwards...



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