Player setting "allow drag after completion" help needed

When I enabled this setting ""allow drag after completion", it makes the next button enabled prior to the student finishing the slide.  If I don't allow drag at all, it locks down the next button.  What I want is to lock down the next button until completion of the slide, and then they can drag the seekbar or click next at that time.   Is there something I need to do differently, is this a bug, or is this not possible at this time and I have to subject my poor students to replaying slides in their entirety? 

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Robert Huffer

So I need assistance as well.  I have created a 1 slide scorm 1.2.  The slide as a video in it.  This video is set to Mark complete after reaching  certain spot on the timeline.  It is set to exit after the timeline ends.  I want the user to have no control to seek or scrub the video until they have completed it once.  It's becoming aware to me that the purpose of "allow drag after completion" applies to a slide you can replay before moving to the next slide, not for people returning to the course to review it.  Is there a known way to achieve this with Storyline:

Force them to watch the entire video.  After they have watched the video, allow them to review it and seek through the video freely?