Please improve your recovery system

May 06, 2024

It's incredibly frustrating for the software to continually and inexplicably close after freezing for a second and then "recover" to 20 minutes ago. That is not called "recovery." It's basically when I last saved. 20 minutes is very, very precious work wasted and now another 20 minutes is wasted doing the same thing. Please either implement an auto-save feature that saves literally every 5 minutes or even sooner, or make the "recovery" element a lot more intuitive...

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Andrew Hanley

Hi Edward,

As someone who has suffered from Storyline crashes, I feel your frustration. 

However, Storyline does have an auto-save feature which you can set how often it happens.

Go to File > Storyline Options, and you should find what you need.

What might also help is looking at the event logs to see what is causing the crashing (which does not happen for most Storyline users) .

In my case it was publishing when chinese translations were used, and previewing. So I got used to saving before ever starting any of those things.

Not ideal, but it helped till the problem was fixed.


Good luck!