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Sandra Whitford

Has anything been done on this (6 years later)?  I can SNAGIT  but there has to be an easy way to print the whole thing.  When I am doing branching scenarios, I'd like to be able to scope out the project with temporary blocks and then print it.  Please add this feature back to the list if it has somehow disappeared.  (even better if it could also be sent to Review) Thanks

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Sandra,

Thanks for chiming in to share your thoughts as well. 

It hasn't gotten lost, I can still see that this is open with our team. You are obviously using Storyline 360 since you mentioned the use of Review as well, so I'll be sure that this conversation gets added to that report.

Speaking of Review, curious how sending the StoryView to Review would fill a need or use-case for you? I'd like to hear more about that.

Steve Hazelton

Just had this request yesterday for a course where you take a quiz question, if correct go to next question; if not get several slides of content. Requestor wanted to show how a competent employee would only see a few slides while others would get topic-specific content. Also wanted to see the draft questions and content at the same time. I got around it by creating each question branch as a separate scene but printing the tree would have been way better.

Dearne Willing

Hi Ashley

Is the roadmap made available to A360 subscribers?

...if not, why not? There are many new apps competing with immersive experiences/features it would be great to be able to share with management what is comping up in future feature releases and this would also assist in convincing my team not to go to another product.

Is there a way we can see how many feature requests have requested a certain feature?

How about setting up a voting system where we can see possible new features and how many would benefit from the feature?

Ian Ivey

It's not encouraging to see multiple "We don't have that feature yet, but it's a popular feature request :)!" comments that are the better part of a decade old. 

This feature would allow content architecture discussions with content owners / SMEs, so we can walk through the downstream impact of proposed edits, and discuss whether the logic of a branched scene meets expectations. It also helps with future revisions to a module: revisiting the module and looking at the roadmap helps us determine which content should be refreshed, eliminated, or added, and the feasibility of each type of edit.