Question about sending results via web service - help please?

If there is anyone out there who can tackle this one - I would greatly appreciate it:

We've built an enterprise scale assessment management system very similar to Questionmark Perception feature and functionality wise - just more cost effective and platform independent .

One of the requirements we've recently had from clients is to be able to do tests which include software simulations. In other words, I would imagine one could use Articulate Storyline to make a screen recording and place it in "test mode" and place that recording as a "step" / question in the test (we would have to add such a question type, but we've done it with Adobe Captivate before).

What I am interested to know is, can any results be sent to a "backend" system via a postback (web service, AJAX, SCORM)? I'm hoping it would be SCORM 1.2 compliant, or at least have some API we could plug into. What are the possible options regarding this and do you perhaps have any documentation around this that you could send to me?

If this works, we be definitely purchase a couple of licenses to build some assessment content for our clients and many of our clients would be interested in this too themselves (the ones who would like to build the assessment content themselves).

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