Question Bank Question from a newbie

May 31, 2024

I am working with previously created question banks. I have extensively edited a question bank that is used in two separate files. When I opened the second file, the same name of the question bank is there, but with none of the edits. How do I get the updated QB into the new course?

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Judy Nollet

Question banks (QBs) in different .story files are separate. Just like with slides, they might share a name. But editing a QB in one file doesn't change it in the other.

You can still avoid re-doing all the edits in the second file.

  • Delete the questions from the unedited bank.
  • Import the questions from the edited QB. 
    • In the "Insert into scene" dropdown, select "Same as imported project" to insert the edited questions directly into the open QB.

Here are more details about importing: Import Slides into Storyline 360 from other Storyline Projects - E-Learning Heroes (