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Jun 13, 2013

Hello all;

Im trying to set up a quiz based on a picture. There are multiple markers on the picture. Clicking on a marker opens a lightbox slide over the picture with a question. There is a 'Back' button at the bottom of the lightbox question slides that closes the lightbox and submits the interaction.

I'm building the example with 3 questions. What I would like is that when the user reaches the final question

 (so far determined by adding a questionXvisited boolean to each back button - and AND..AND..AND ) - that the back button changes (probably via a state change) and they go directly to the results slide.

I have tried putting a conditional jump on the slide with the picture, but as the lightbox slides are 'over the top' so to say, the trigger conditions at the start, or at the end of the timeline won't work. Making it dependent on a picture hotspot being clicked does not give the user a chance to answer the last question bfore going to the results. . It should jump to the results once the button is clicked and all of the questionVisited variables are set to true.

And of course strange things start happening when you revisit the answered questions in the lightbox slides, they have the question results in - and two clicks later we get the original picture - which I wanted as the finish, but in the lightbox slide - which i didn't! - anyone else tried this ?

Thanks in advance;


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