Quizes as a tab which opens in last answered question


This time I need help with a quiz. I have imported a course I created in Studio 09 to Storyline and I cannot figure out how to make this quiz work as it used to.

The quiz itself is composed of three question banks. It draws 5 questions out of each bank so it shows always 15 questions to the participant. I made the quiz as a tab in the top bar of the player and it was set up in a way that the user could close the quiz to find the answer on the slides and when they opened it again it would open on the same question they had last seen.

The problem is that now that I transfered it to Storyline whenever I close the tab window to go back to the quiz it re-starts the whole thing. So when I open the quiz again after finding the correct answer I have to scroll through several questions to find the one I was at.

Can someone help  me to find out a way to make it work again?

I have tried several triggers but none seem to do the trick...

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