Reporting the Average from a Quiz with 2 Attempts Back to the LMS

Nov 11, 2021

I am trying to figure out if it is possible to take a quiz where the user is given two attempts to get the correct answer (at the question level), where they are penalized half the points if they answer it incorrectly on their first attempt. We basically want the average of the user's two attempts to be what is reflected back to the LMS. For example, if Learner 1 answers all 10 questions on their first try, their score would report as 100, where Learner 2 who answered all 10 questions correctly, but missed 2 of them on their first attempt (but were able to identify the correct answer on their 2nd attempt), this Learner 2 would receive a score of 90 (as they would have only received half the points for getting it right because it was correct on their 2nd attempt).

I tried assigning a Correct point value of 10, while assigning the Incorrect value of -5. However, the math is not working out when I run some tests. I also considered changing the attempts to 1, and then having the incorrect branch them to another quiz slide containing this same question again, only this time the Correct answer is only worth half the value. However, I am not sure how this would work with the Results slide. Would all of the quiz questions need to be contained within the same Scene? Because when you include them within the same scene to be included in the Results slide, the total point value then changes, making the previous 80% inaccurate now (because it is looking at the whole 100% now being equal to all the Correct answers (from both the 1st attempt [10 points] and 2nd attempt [5 points]); so instead of 100% being 100 points, it is now 150 points).

I have to imagine there is an easier way to accomplish getting an average from the two attempts, so I just wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions. Thank you in advance!

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