Scoring Trouble: Variable will not show a negative value

I'm working on a series of review games for a client. I built basic template using very basic graphics and now I'm updating the artwork to match a color scheme and look the designer provided.

The scoring has proved to take longer than I had ever hoped and I'm just stumped on one thing in particular right now.

I have a drag and drop that utilizes drop states and instant scoring rather than a submit button. Learners are dragging and dropping the steps of a process into the right order along a little flow chart. In order to move on, they must get them all right, but they have unlimited opportunity to do so.

The scoring is supposed to work as follows:

  • subtract 3 from the score for each time an object is dropped in the INCORRECT location
  • add 5 to the score each time an object is dropped on the correct location


  • Score variable (starts at 0)
  • each drag item has its own number variable set at 7

I am using 3 states for each drag object

  • Normal
  • drop incorrect (this works automatically and doesn't require a trigger)
  • disabled (I did this in place of drop correct so that the learner could not continue to rack up points by dropping an item in the right spot over and over. We learned this after a little user testing in the beginning.)

Each drag object has 4 triggers assigned to it:

  • Subtract 1 from the variable assigned to the drag item when the item is dropped on the incorrect target. ---Each drag item has variable set at 7 (there are 8 answer options). Each time they drop on an incorrect target, the variable is adjusted by subtracting 1. When the variable is equal to zero, it will no longer take points away from the score. Essentially, they can only get it wrong 7 times according to the score.
  • Adjust variable "score" by subtracting 3 when the object is dropped on any of the incorrect targets IF the drag item variable is >0*
  • Change the state of the drag item to disabled when it is dropped on the correct target
  • Change the state of the drop target to hidden when the correct drag item has been dropped in it

I am using 2 states for each drop target

  • normal
  • hidden (We change the drop target to hidden when the correct answer has been dropped on it. We found that if a learner had a correct answer and even if we had that now set to disabled, they could drag a wrong answer into that same drop target which then spit out the correct answer and replaced with the incorrect answer. When the get it right, we just want it so they can't mess with it anymore.)

So, this system seems to work fine on the template I built. I've tried to match the setup on the beta version with artwork and am finding the score variable will not produce a negative number as it did in the template. It adds 3 instead of subtracting. Here is an example of what happens:

  • Place the first item correct: score = 5, good
  • Place the second item incorrect: score =2, good
  • Place the second item incorrect again: score=1, bad
  • Place the second item incorrect a third time: score=4, bad
  • Place the second item correct: score=1, bad

I'm going to go ahead and attached a non-branded/simplified version of the file. You see the template version and the version with fancier artwork. Would love help as it's been way too many hours with little success.

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