SCORM File issue support required

Oct 11, 2017


This is a strange request and not related to Storyline itself but rather a bizarre puzzle I have been asked to look into and I am hoping that perhaps a few heads here might help me out please.

An E-learning module was created and published. It worked fine and it completed and reports as expected. Later, the course was requested to be localized into several languages. This was done but it has now been found that these localized courses do not mark as complete when done.

My investigation found that it was done by an outsourced vendor, who, simply localized the published SWF files, replaced them into the existing SCORM zip file of the English version with no changes made to the manifest or any other of the js or xml files that were initially generated. This was done apparently for speed, as the original source file was no longer available.

So all of the manifest files of each of the localized packages are identical to the original English in every way, which to me is a source of the issue.

Can I simply edit each of the manifest files to have unique identifiers etc or is there something more detailed required, if indeed it can be rectified at all?

Any recommendations would be welcome.


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