Screen Recording Quality

Hi! I'm having some issues with the quality of the screen recording through Storyline. I've noticed that when i screen record and export the video, the quality of the MP4 file is absolutely perfect and a mirror of what i can see on my screen. However, as soon as this is inserted into Storyline it becomes very grainy and slightly blurred!? 

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Jonathan Huguenin

Hello Danny,

My English is not very good and I'm not sure I understood whether you record your screen directly with Storyline or not.

When you insert a video in Storyline, the software will automatically compress the video file.

If you want to keep the original quality, you need to remove the automatic compression option in the video settings.

Here is a screenshot, I hope it will be useful for you


danny COOPER

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for your reply. I'm actually using Storylines 'Record Screen' function and placing into my course this way. When i record my screen and preview within storyline, the picture quality is perfect and exactly how i want it. However, as soon and the file is uploaded to my LMS, the quality of the video then becomes blurred.

Amy Hamman

Hi all, 

I am having the same issue. The Storyline screen recording looks great in preview mode, but when I publish to Review 360 everything gets blurry. I set the publishing quality to the highest possible settings. I have tried recording at 16:9 (story size), full screen, 1096 x 620, and 900ish by 500ish. Nothing seems to help the fuzzy/blurriness. Yet, when I export just the video as an MP4 the quality is pristine. Please send all the help!

Katie Riggio

Hi Amy. Help is by your side! 😀

It sounds like the recording got scaled within the published output, which is likely contributing to the loss in quality. Here's an excellent resource for creating high-resolution recordings in Storyline 360.

Mind if we troubleshoot your file to test this theory? You can use this private upload link.

Ren Gomez

Hi Chantall,

Thanks for reaching out, and I'm sorry you're running into blurry issues with your screen recording! The video compression option is only available with imported videos and not screen recordings.

If you can share your file, our support team will be happy to take a look and help you troubleshoot!

Brian Cook

I am having similar issues. I record with Camtasia and save HQ. The rendering looks fine, but when inserted into an SL slide and published the video quality is low. I can also tell a difference between that and original graphics created in SL, which look fine. REALLY need a fix to this or I won't be able to use SL. Thanks

Kathy Biallas

I have the same issue. I have used Camtasia to record and edit my videos. I create custom mp4 output set to "high" quality/resolution per the 360 recommendations. I still cannot turn off video compression when the mp4 is imported into Storyline 360. Please advise; the compression is automatic and the option to turn it off is greyed out.

Openreach Design

Hi. I am trying to use imported MP4 videos but despite original videos looking o.k. and o.k on storyline they are blurred when viewed on review 360 or published on LMS.

-Although I had to resize the videos to fit the screen layout they were locked aspect ratio.

- I have tried setting the custom setting to the best for video and graphics. 

- I have tried to turn off the compression on the video  options but it is greyed out. 

Can you help me?





Lauren Connelly

Hello Openreach Design!

We can definitely help! It sounds like the images are blurry, specifically when publishing to Review 360 and LMS. Have you tried testing the course using Tempshare and SCORM cloud?

If the videos are still blurry in those environments, I'd recommend reaching out to our Support Engineers for in-depth troubleshooting. You can reach their team by submitting a support case.