SL3 and Microsoft Edge - does it work?

Jan 12, 2018

My team and I are experiencing some difficulty in completing modules that were upgraded from SL2 to Sl3 while in Edge. They work in all other browsers, but in Edge we're experiencing issues navigating to any question/survey slides. It just crashes and goes to the beginning of the module. We're publishing in HTML 5 only. Any suggestions? has anyone experienced this is Edge before? 

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Graeme Clarke

I am having the same issue with Edge, as soon as any animation occurs the file crashes. I have tried publishing to flash/html5  htm5/flash and html5 makes no difference. 

Published to LMS as scorm 2004 hosted running on forma.LMS. Also crashes on publish to web

see link

Chrome works, opera works and firefox.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Neal,

Are you also using Storyline 3 or Storyline 360?  

I took a look at Grame's case, and my colleague Chino was waiting on some additional confirmations from him. 

Have you looked to see if your slides that are crashing contain any shadowed text? That was an issue recently fixed in Storyline 360, and that fix will be available in Storyline 3's next update. 

Alyssa Gomez

In that case, Neal, I'd want our Support Engineers to take a closer look at your file. It sounds like there's something going awry here, beyond the bug I mentioned earlier. Click here to share your file with us, and be sure to let me know your case number so I can follow along. 

Absolutely, Casey! We're targeting to release a fix for this bug in the next update of Storyline 3. As soon as the fix goes live, we'll share the good news here!

Tim Danner

I'm experiencing crashing in Edge too, when it's using the HTML5 version published for SCORM 2004. Thought it was caused by the shadows I had applied to a number of shapes. Turns out that it's not the shadows, but rather the markers that are on one of the slides. When I remove the markers, it works fine in Edge. When I add just one marker, it crashes/freezes. My project, though, was built originally in Storyline 3.

Susan Phares

We ran the latest (May 8) Storyline 3 update and republished the course as both HTML5 and HTML5/Flash. The update appears to have fixed the Edge issue but also introduced a new Safari issue for both HTML5 and HTML/Flash versions -  the course title page loads but the next button doesn't work - when the user clicks it it just spins and they cannot advance.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cheryl, 

I'm sorry that you’re still struggling with this LMS API error and saw you reached out here and in this other discussion. 

Did your SuccessFactors team have any insight into what is causing that error, especially since it's working in SCORM Cloud? 

Definitely keep us posted,  I know lots of other folks use SuccessFactors so it'll be good insight to have.

Hugh Rumbaugh

We are experiencing an issue where SL2 files were upgraded to SL3 and then placed into RISE via blocks. Once published to SCORM via RISE our LMS (Docebo) is playing the rise course/file but only the audio plays on the first slide. No content. The Rise link plays perfectly but once exported to SCORM there is a break down. All browsers work except EDGE.