Storyline 2 Javascript player - Maximum call stack size exceeded

Mar 25, 2015


Got another error from the HTML5 player. I'm getting a call stack error. There's not much I can do to fix this, and I can't seem to get anything to work by changing the publish settings.

Basically, the ProcessText and BuildRect functions are calling each other, until the call stack size is exceeded. This seems like an error with the player js.

Is this a known error, is there a fix, or am I stuck trying to fix this myself by editing the player_compiled.js file.


ppRectBuilder.ProcessText   player_compiled.js:1488 ppRectBuilder.BuildRect     player_compiled.js:1490 ppRectBuilder.ProcessText   player_compiled.js:1488 

Just as a side note, this only happens when viewed off a server, not locally.

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