Storyline 3 New Trigger Options

Using Storyline 3, I created a course called “Abby Goes to the OBGYN,” in which the learner controls Abby as she attends her OBGYN appointment. To create this course, I use two important features: animated gifs and triggers. 

In this tutorial overview video, I focus on Storyline 3’s new trigger options: “object intersects” and “object intersection ends.” You can see how I used them to create the course in the video below.


View: the full course

Read: complete course overview

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Kathryn Steele

My husband is an interactive Unity developer and has ADHD. So, when I had him play test the course, he literally just clicked everywhere on screen until he could break something. He sparked the idea that others would do the same, and I thought it would be fun to include a few little surprises.

Brian Coady

Excellent demonstration! I wanted to verify if the animated gif for the walking state comes with Storyline 3. I am new to this version, so I was not sure if this  state was created or part of the installed characters set. Also, I should mention that I am using the trial version right now, in case that might be the issue.