Storyline 3 New Trigger Options

Sep 26, 2017

Using Storyline 3, I created a course called “Abby Goes to the OBGYN,” in which the learner controls Abby as she attends her OBGYN appointment. To create this course, I use two important features: animated gifs and triggers. 

In this tutorial overview video, I focus on Storyline 3’s new trigger options: “object intersects” and “object intersection ends.” You can see how I used them to create the course in the video below.


View: the full course

Read: complete course overview

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Kathryn Steele

My husband is an interactive Unity developer and has ADHD. So, when I had him play test the course, he literally just clicked everywhere on screen until he could break something. He sparked the idea that others would do the same, and I thought it would be fun to include a few little surprises.

Brian Coady

Excellent demonstration! I wanted to verify if the animated gif for the walking state comes with Storyline 3. I am new to this version, so I was not sure if this  state was created or part of the installed characters set. Also, I should mention that I am using the trial version right now, in case that might be the issue.


Hi Kathryn,

I love your course "Abby Goes to the OBGYN", it is very well done and it brings me many ideas. I'm using Storyline 360 and i'm trying to re-create one of the interactions in your course. I created a character with the states (stand still Left, stand still Right, walking Left (a Gif), walking Right (a Gif) and the Back). The character can walk to the Left and to the Right, then when she have the interaction with the Grey box AND we press the arrow Up, a Layer "Info" will appear. I set also the variable True/False, True when the character interact with the Grey box, False when no interact with the Grey box, the layer only shows when the variable is True.

But i got some problems, the layer "Info" only shows 2/5 tries. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. 

I made another try with only the shape and it works well, so i think the problem came from my Gifs, but i still don't get why.

Could you please help me taking a look at my .story to see what did i do wrong please ? Thank you alot alotttt. 

If anyone have any idea, please help me take a look please. I really appreciate all your help.

P/s: And, to be able to use the navigation buttons, i have to use the mouse to click on the character first, also, after closing the "Info" layer, i have to use the mouse to click on the character again to be able to use the navigation buttons. 

Please excuse my bad english explanation.

Happy New Year everybody.

Katie Riggio

Happy New Year, A F! 🌟

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Miguel tello

Hola, para que no tengas que hacer click al personaje para que funcione "mover a la derecha" "mover a la izquierda" creo que tienes que poner un activador de "mover a la derecha/izquierda" SI "personaje" = a "parado izquierda/derecha" hace unos meses intenté hacer algo así y sí me salió pero no recuerdo bien, en unas semanas o intentaré denuevo para un trabajo, lo único que no me salía era limitar el espacio donde se puede mover el personaje pero viendo y leyendo un poco creo que ya sé como hacerlo, creo que tú hablas español si es así puedes comunicarte conmigo (dejame un pv o responde este mensaje para enviarte mi correo)