Storyline 360 - Characters being cut off

May 10, 2019

I am trying to edit my characters from the pre-loaded content slides and when I do it will load the character but with portions of its body chopped off. My DPI setting are at 100% and it is still having this issue. If I use the characters provided in the content slides there is not issue. Only when I try to change them. 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Alyssa,

Welcome to E-learning Heroes! Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this. I’d like to help investigate and ask a few questions:

  • Are you uploading files from a network or USB drive?
  • Do you feel comfortable sharing your file to see if I can replicate?

I see you mentioned you’ve set your DPI settings to 100%. Have you tried the steps in this article for a clean install?  Sometimes, a simple repair of Storyline can do the trick. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Amy Lewis

Any updates on this? Any character I insert into any project has their arms cut off. It looks like the software is cutting off the outer ~20 pixels no matter the pose. Re-cropping the image to a wider width does not expose more of the character. This is happening on all DPI settings, all monitors, both modern and classic illustrated characters, and all projects both saved on a network and saved locally. Downloading a new character from 360 does not seem to help.

Update: I just uninstalled and reinstalled Storyline based on these instructions and it did not help. 

Amy Lewis

Hi everyone, I found a workaround - I unplugged my second monitor and worked directly from my laptop screen. Once I did that, the issue went away! I hope this workaround helps others running into this issue.

I have no idea why a second screen would cause an image cropping issue, but given how much trouble Storyline has with multiple monitors and window detection in general, it's likely a symptom of a much deeper issue in the software. Hopefully this helps your QA/engineering teams.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for chiming in to share the solution that worked for you, Amy.

I'm curious if your DPI settings were the same on both monitors or if there was a variance?

Hi Jeannine and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for letting us know that you're running into a similar issue as well and that you verified your DPI settings. Were you able to conduct the repair shared above? 

Amy Lewis

Hi Leslie, 

I checked my DPI settings and they were set to 100% on all monitors. I also did a clean reinstall with the correct user permissions as noted in the repair article and that didn't work either. The only reason I found this solution is that Peek was giving me another monitor-related issue (I was trying to record the error for my support ticket), so I unplugged my monitors and the problems went away in both Peek and in Storyline.

I hope it's on your engineering roadmap to look into these monitor and screen-related issues in general - Storyline and Peek are both extremely finicky in this area with poor edge detection, window resizing, window placement and, apparently, character issues. Given how many types of errors I see daily in this area, I'd hope a general stability update is in the works!

Amy Lewis

I was working on two external screens with my laptop closed. That meant I was importing illustrated characters on either screen, not my laptop screen, with a high DPI - and the characters' sides were cut off).

For the work-around, I turned off one external screen altogether and re-started the computer. When I then opened Storyline on the laptop screen, the characters loaded correctly, both on my laptop and on the one external screen. I think doing it this way switched the external screen to the equivalent DPI of the laptop screen. 

I hope this issue can be resolved so that a work-around isn't needed!

Bjorn Schwarzenbach

I also had the same issue when working on a laptop and external monitor. Given how a lot of us are in a WFH situation and the prevalence of using laptops, this shouldn't be an issue at all when working with Storyline. Any update on a fix for the future?

I've set both the laptop DPI & the monitor's DPI to 100% (why can't we work with 150%?) and made sure to update my version of Storyline and restarted my laptop but the cut-off character still is there. I've also just worked on the laptop and that did not help either. Any solution here?

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Bjorn.

You took all the right steps — I'm sorry to hear that the cropped characters remain! 

Since you have Articulate 360 Teams, our team can troubleshoot the characters in real-time. When you're ready to connect with us, click the link below and then Live chat support:

Joe Needles


I wanted to pass along that I had also been hit with the "characters cut off" issue. It actually hit in the middle of a project. It is effecting newly inserted character, or already inserted characters having their pose change. 

I tried adjusting the DPI, re-installing, even reverting to a previous install. Inserting a new character worked once, and then the next insertion (or change pose) would have the sides cut off. (Additionally the last letter of a text box was being cut off)

I had this issue before, and it turned out I had a pending update. Installing the update did the trick. This time how ever, I am up to date already! Bleah.

After reading Amy's experience (I basically have a 4 monitor set up, the laptop plus 3 different sized monitors hooked up to the docking station) I tried undocking my laptop and using storyline on the laptop's screen. POOF, issue went away! 

As an experiment I hooked up my laptop back to the docking station, and left the laptop open. So long as storyline was on the laptop screen, the characters inserted/changed poses fine. When I slide the over to a different monitor, things got wonky (one of them even cut off the bottom half of the character, eek!)

It seems to me the resizing of the Storyline window is the key. It seems the character image is being resized properly, but the display area is not. I can fiddle with minimizing/maximizing the storyline program window to get the issue to appear/disappear also it seems.

Not sure what it is about the extra monitors (I notice Storyline spends a much longer time resizing to a different monitor than other programs) but thought this might help others/the Articulate Team.

Joe Needles

Howdy there Leslie!

I doubled checked before posting and yes, all monitors are set to 100%. They all use the same resolution (1920X1080 if it matters. One is set to portrait so its 1080 X 1920).

If it matters, the laptop is using the integrated Intel 540 graphics, and the others are using NVIDA Quadro M1000M. All are set to 60h 8-bit.

I actually ran in to this again this morning. I could change character pose and perspective, but when I changed the expression I lose the elbows/arms. I restarted the system and this time I could change expressions fine, but poses lost elbows/arms.

I restarted again (with the laptop closed, so no laptop monitor). Using windows setting to turn off all but two monitors (one portrait, one landscape) and the issue disappeared.

This is with Articulate up to date, and storyline up to date.

And the odd part to me is the randomness. While I can duplicate the issue, it is random in only effecting pose, or only effecting expression, or affecting all of them.