Storyline 360 Collaboration - Publishing Workflow

Jun 11, 2021

We have about 30 courses authored by three different SL360 users, and I am concerned about publishing by different users at different times. We have all been in independent departments until recently, and now we need to collaborate on files, which often include links to pdfs on our local drives. SL files are being created locally and then the whole file folder including any pdf documents are saved in a shared Google Drive folder. However, with moving the files and folders back and forth, we are getting MANY errors that file names are too long--and this pertains not just to some pdf files, but also Mp3s as the slides are narrated. Because of this, we are finding that the person who originally authored the file on their local drive has to be the one who publishes it because of all of the content that is linked to specific pathways on their computer. This does not work well because my colleagues have been assigned to different projects for the next 6 months and are now unavailable. Also, uploading and downloading entire file folders (to maintain the same file names and pathways) takes 10-15 minutes sometimes. It's been quite a problem and there doesn't appear to be an easy fix. We all work remotely.

Do folks with more collaboration experience have any advice?

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