Storyline 360 - Trim Video and keep closed captioning intact

Sep 14, 2023

I am currently using Storyline 360 and recently imported a large video along with the closed captioning file (.srt file). When I run the large video, the closed captioning file is correct. Then I trimmed the video into three smaller videos. When I published the course, the closed captioning on the second and third videos are the same as the first video. Basically, the closed captioning starts over from the beginning of the large .srt file instead of the correct positions in the second and third videos. How do you trim videos into smaller videos and keep the closed captioning intact? Thank you. 

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Kevin,

Happy to help!

The queues for the captions are hardcoded into the captions file, which means if you reduce the length of a video with captions, the captions will still enter at the exact time specified in the file: 

There isn't an automated way to do this so you'll need to manually adjust your closed captions using the Closed Captions Editor after reducing the length of your video.

Alternatively, you can use Youtube's automatic captioning feature to generate a new set of captions for your trimmed down videos automatically. 

Hope this helps!