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Tristan Mariano

Hi Ashley, 

Same here. Our company uses SharePoint Office 365. Here are the steps that I have undertaken to try and load my Articulate web output:

  1. In SharePoint, I created a Document Library, e.g, Sample Induction
  2. Uploaded the Articulate web output files, i.e. HTML 5, etc.. to the Sample Induction library. 
  3. Right-clicked story_html5.html and copied the link.
  4. Created a Wiki Page and inserted a web part, Page Viewer. 
  5. Open the Page Viewer properties pane and pasted the copied link. 
  6. Saved and closed the properties pane and guess what? Nothing! All I get is Chrome downloading the story_html5.html file. 

It's frustrating ! Could anyone please shed light on this? Appreciate any suggestions. If there's no solution, then it's hard for me to justify the use of Articulate in our company if it does not sit well with our intranet system. I'm using a 30-day trial to evaluate. I have other options like Adobe Captivate or maybe Camtasia. 

Looking forward to any brilliant ideas.



Tristan Mariano

Found this one just now and it seemed to work on our Sharepoint Office 365. Display Storyline on Sharepoint Site

Thanks to Cody Salinas!

All it took was to replace the three HTML files (story.html, story_flash.html, and story_html5.html) with .aspx extension. You also need to open the story.html in Notepad or Dreamweaver and replace story_flash.html and story_html5.html with .aspx. After successfully renaming them, upload all the files and folders excluding the .html files. Then follow the steps I did above. 

Good luck!


Anja Große

Dear all, some month ago we had the same issue and found the following solution:

  1. Rename all .HTML files to .aspx as described above.
  2. Upload all files to your 'unlocked' SharePoint Online site, i. e. execution of .aspx files must be allowed on this site (in general in our company execution of coding in SPO is blocked)
  3. To start your e-learning, click on story.aspx file -> if you get the download message, go on this way:
  4. Download the complete folder that contains the renamed file and all other files to your LOCAL file system
  5. Unzip this locally stored folder
  6. Create a new folder in SharePoint Online (and delete the old one)
  7. Upload all unzipped files to this new folder
  8. Start your e-learning by clicking the story.aspx file and enjoy!

In all our cases this way was successful! We assume that this has something to do with internal source code generated by Microsoft while uploading the files. I would be very interested to hear if this solution also works for someone else. Thank you!

Anja Große

Hello everybody, we are still looking for a solution for MS Teams. It would be great to start E-Learning courses here directly instead of having to go via the SharePoint page behind that Teams site. I know this is because of the old technical base, but nevertheless if someone in the community has an idea, let us know;)

Toby Hone

Hi there, I've found MS Teams is much easier than Sharepoint, as you don't need to fiddle around with conversion of HTML to ASPX.

So far, I've only used the hyperlink to the Articulate hosted files. However, theoretically, it would be possible host all the files internally in one-drive. The ways I have tried so far;

1. Click 'Format' in a post, then insert hyperlinks - this would be your best option

2. Insert Hyperlinks into Tasks of a planner board - I've used this for On-boarding, so we know when they've completed the e-learning part of their induction

3. Pasted Hyperlinks in a Wiki tab - Wiki tabs seem to have fallen out of favour, but it was good to have a dedicated tab for people to go to for all e-learning links

Toby Hone

Hi there,

Apologies for misleading above. So far, I have tried two ways (only with Rise, but Storyline would be the same experience)

  1. Posting links to the Articulate hosted content (in articulate, 'Share, then copy the link, use this link to paste a hyperlink in Teams) - works seamlessly!
  2. Posting link to files internally hosted on Teams Sharepoint (export type = web) - I haven't got this to work - it goes back to the ol' aspx conversations. I don't think I.T. have allowed the set up for this to work - I'm not even permitted to edit html files.

No, Teams doesn't seem to work with HTML files, as all these files are hosted in SharePoint (One-note). But the weblink works e.g. https://rise.articulate.com/share/MyzP1YftX7o1eX6QE6X7fMivXxZVGAmA

When you click on the link in Teams, it automatically opens the browser and plays like normal.

In our company, we are in a quandry (read 'Kobayashi Maru test). I.T. have stated they only want internally hosted files to be shared, but these don't work. For security reasons, they don't want us hosting content on Articulate and then sharing the link.  

Ana Fulton

Hi all,

I'm new to Storyline and this forum, but my department needs to publish Storyline 360 courses to Sharepoint 365 so that consultants/vendors (who don't have access to our LMS) can complete them.

I am able to publish to old Sharepoint sites (i.e., Sharepoint from 2013 rather than Microsoft 365) by providing a link to the .html file in the course package. However, the same process doesn't work in Sharepoint 365, which we have now moved to at my company.

Does anyone have a fool-proof solution to this? (I tried changing the .html to .aspx but it didn't work).

Harry Deo


I too am struggling to find a way to launch small interactive files/documents created in Storyline (published to the web) on Sharepoint 365.

I have tried all of the work arounds I can find on the web and here, renaming the story.html to aspx, adding a web part to a page etc. none of which work.

They all result in the browser (Chrome or Edge) downloading the file, none open it as an object/page. If you open the downloaded file it opens as code in notepad as you would expect.

I really need to find a way to launch Storyline files through either Sharepoint or MS Teams has anyone found a solution that works with the most recent versions (circa Aug 2021) of Sharepoint, Teams Edge etc,

Sasha Malone

Hi Harry,

Not sure if you found a solution to this but I have found that the files download instead of display if they are hosted on a communication SharePoint site.  If they are hosted on a Team site and renamed with the .aspx they seam to display correctly.


It is really frustrating as all of our content is in a Communication Sharepoint site but I haven't worked out a way around it.


Nadia Field

Not sure if this helps anyone, but I've been working on this for a few days as I just couldn't get it to work, despite following all guidance I have found! 

The solution? IT had disabled scripts on the Sharepoint site! 

I got IT to enable the scripts, then started again by adding the S/L folder structure to the site "Documents" folder, ensuring that both the story.html and analytics-frame.html files had been changed to .aspx files. You should be able to click on the story.aspx file in Sharepoint and it open up in a new window. 

I also found that using the "Share" link option didn't work. Instead I copied the link in the address bar once I had clicked on the story.aspx file. 

Hope this helps some of you!  

Andrea Koehntop

Hello Sébastien, and welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community! ✨

Since this is an older post with varied discussion and resolutions:

  • Can you be more specific on the issue you are experiencing?
  • What specific troubleshooting measure(s) have you tried that hasn't worked?

I want to make sure I am tailoring my support to your specific needs.

I look forward to your responses and helping you work through your issue!

Sébastien Greffet


yes for sure!  :) 

After having change the option in the administrator menu to enable the script for the sharepoint site (and waiting 24 hours in order to be sure), I published the course on a team-site, in a folder in "documents". I have renamed the story.html and the analytics-frame.html to story.aspx and analytics-frame.aspx. I click on the story.aspx and... it asks me to download the file, it doesn't show me the course. 

For your information, I made the test on the sharepoint of the company, and on a trial sharepoint in ordre to be sure. In both case I add the same conclusion. 

Have you any idea ?