Storyline Example: How To Fight A Bear

Nov 06, 2018

Articulate Storyline 360 How To Fight A Bear

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Hi Community! Here's the example I shared during my presentation at the eLearning Guild’s Articulate User Conference. I used 3D models and 2.5D/parallax effects. Feel free to poke the bear. I recommend turning your audio on. Let me know if you make it out alive! :) Happy trails! 


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Sarah Hodge

Thanks, Michael! After I designed the slide with all the graphics, I converted it to a Drag and Drop Freeform interaction. From there, I was able to edit the options so that the items would return to the start point if dropped outside the correct drop target (the backpack). Here's more info about freeform drag and drop. And here's a pic of the item I selected. Hope that helps! 

Michael Hardin

I was trying to get it to perform as yours, where if an incorrect item is drug into the pack, it would return to its original location and the learner would receive feedback for that item.  I had used the option you indicated, but mine would show the feedback right away and not return to its original location.  However, if I removed the trigger for the object's feedback layer, it would return.  So, can I ask how were you able to display feedback after the item returned to its original location? 

Sarah Hodge

Ah! Got it! Thanks for helping me understand, Michael! I did a couple of things to make this work:

On the base layer:

  • I added a Drop Incorrect state to the object
  • I added a trigger to Show the Incorrect layer when the state of the incorrect object is Drop Incorrect

On the Incorrect layer

  • I added a slow fade to the feedback box so it gave time to see the item return to the original spot as it slowly faded.
  • I also added a trigger to set the incorrect object back to normal when the user clicks Close so that it resets the object to show the incorrect layer again if the user repeats the incorrect drag. 

In case you want to see how this works in Storyline 360, I created this example file for ya.