Storyline project & blackboard


Hoping someone has had some experience with this:  we're designing a (live) webinar course and want to use an "interactive" presentation built in storyline as part of that webinar.  The interactive portion involves the participants viewing a scenario then being presented with several choices as how to handle it.  The idea would be each participant votes for what they think is the best option - then the presenter selects the option with the most votes and everyone sees the outcome based on that.  There are several situations and the results are cumulative (at the end they see their "score" based on the choices they voted). 

The problem we're running into is having the presentation play smoothly (with audio audible) while keeping the navigation under the presenter's control.  It will play...sort of, but there is a big lag between the pictures and the audio when the presenter plays it off his computer (through the desktop share).  We were able to share the presentation out to all the participants, and this plays very well - but makes the management of a discussion as the session progreses difficult at best (because instead of having one outcome to discuss each participant could have different outcomes based on what they select).  We've gotten the same outcome for publish outputs for web and LMS. 

What I'm looking for is a way to upload a published file to blackboard and present it to participants while keeping the navigation under control of the presenter.  Hoping this is possible...



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