Storyline's cmi_intereactions > any Hacking Luv?

Aug 19, 2019

I was wondering if there was any information about hacking/utilizing the CMI in the HTML5 output of a .story(line)?

I was "playing" with Storyline quiz questions and how and what are outputed to my LMS (Bridge). For example, a funny thing happened on the way downloading the LMS's csv called "quiz_questions.csv" The weird part, is there doesn't seem a rhyme nor reason to how the quiz question itself it captured. 

A template question populated the column title with the layer called "Question Text". 

A FreeForm question made into a MChoice took from the layer "Main Title".

The next, a freeform with a "Submit Interaction Pick One 1 - "Pick one" made the column "Pick One" . 

A Bridge Guy took a look and decided it was how Articulate Storyline was cmi_interactions to grab the "test question" for the column name. (side note: unfortunately, it would only report if the answer was "correct" or "incorrect" so there doesn't seem to be a way to track a users score by answer.)

Thanks if there are any adventurous types out there!



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