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Adam Braun

Hi Bob,

I had the same experience with a particularly long block of text -- I could get the behavior to stop if I took away enough of the text, but removing any of the content permanently wasn't really an option. So, my guess is that it has something to do with length of text.

But, you can use the audio editor (click the speaker icon on your slide, go to Audio Tools on the top-bar when it appears) and manually edit out the last couple of seconds where the "dot" appears.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Bob,

Pasting into Notepad is a good recommendation to strip out any unnecessary and invisible formatting, which could be contributing to what you're hearing with the text to speech. It's not something I've heard of other folks running into yet, have you seen this on a lot of files, or this is the first time? 

Bob O'Donnell

I always copy and paste from Notepad. Learned that lesson years ago. It may have something to do with the length of the text. If you trim out a few sentences, the "Dot" goes away.

I posted my story file a couple of replies up Ashley... feel free to play with it. I think its a small glitch in the program. I've cut and pasted from Notepad, typed directly in the text to speech window, etc. It still exports with the word "Dot".


Benita Tong

I had a coworker run into this problem yesterday. His workaround was to break up the paragraph (e.g., put half of it on a new line in the text entry or to paragraph break each sentence onto a new line) and text-to-speech will no longer say "dot." While not an ideal solution, it works for now. It seems like it's being caused by an odd paragraph character limit.

I've attached a file where I tested the paragraph character limit with lorem ipsum filler text.

Jill Freeman

Hi Alyssa. I just submitted a support ticket and enclosed my SL file with the "DOT" narration. It happens to me quite a bit. The "DOT" is not only at the end of the file, it can be anywhere in the paragraph.  I also receive the "Something went wrong" message when working with TTS.  Hope they can fix this! It is slowing me down!



Benita Tong

Hi Jill,

In case this helps, the best way currently to get around the text-to-speech adding the word "dot" is to break up the text into paragraphs when generating the text-to-speech.

I found the character limit for a paragraph to be ~952 (no spaces)/1,115 (with spaces). By 978 (no spaces)/1,144 (with spaces), the spoken word "dot" appears.

Ren Gomez

Hi Heinee,

Thanks for checking in. I'm sorry that you ran into the issue where you hear the word "dot" at the end of your paragraph.
It is currently in the early stages of review based on our How We Tackle Bugs article. To help you plan, it's unlikely to be fixed in the next couple of updates.
For now, have you tried the workaround Ashley mentioned above about adding a carriage return to see if that helps the issue? We'll pop back in here when there's any progress to share.